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Tots in Mind
Tots in Mind Cozy Crib Tent II White

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Crib tent was a lifesaver, but could be made better


We purchased the Crib Tent II because our 2-1/2 year old escape artist, er, I mean DAUGHTER ;) was escaping from her crib, disturbing everyone's sleep, and making her Mommy and Daddy nervous. This crib tent is a great idea, and it is working wonderfully! She doesn't mind sleeping in her bed because it's see-through. In fact, the first time I laid her in there, she was grinning and thought it was fun. Bonus! It zips from the outside and has a patch of fabric underneath the end of the zipper so my brilliant little girl can't get to the backside of the zipper to unzip it, so that's good! There are a few things that I don't like about this crib tent. 1) The zipper is NOT metal. It's plastic. And because the tent is very taut (which is a good thing), I expect that the zipper might not hold up as long as I'd like. We'll see though. 2) If you want to clean it (like if baby girl vomits all over it), you have to take the whole thing apart. 3) Because of the design, it's tricky to gain access to the mattress/bedding when you need to change and wash the bedding. This was easy enough to fix (simply remove the mattress...CAREFULLY), but still a design flaw, in my opinion. 4) PRICE: Due to the quality of this item, I think the price should come down significantly. That said, THE PRICE IS WORTH IT if it keeps my little girl safe in her crib until she's old enough to stay in a big girl bed without causing the other 5 people in our home to lose a LOT of sleep. :)


Knoxville, IA


Tots in Mind Cosy Tent is very useful!


We bought the Tots in Mind Cozy Crib Tent when my son was an infant. It made us feel he was safer from climbing out. However, the main reason for buying it was keeping the cats out of his crib. It was great so they did not leave fur in his crib and blankets. This also prevented them from trying to snuggle with him at night. It was not too expensive, and was good quality. We found it also very easily to set up, and use as well. It has a zipper to easily open and close so we could didn't have to disassemble it each time. I would reccomend this to anyone that has pets to keep them out of the crib. The only con was that it took us awhile to find one, as it wasn't sold at all stores. The white color matched with just about anything. It could get easily dirty though. I liked though that it could wipe off fairly easily, but still wasn't the easiest to clean. I think this is a good product for anyone with pets.


Logan, UT


This Tot's in Mind Cozy Crib Tent ll Whilte is beautiful


It keeps children safely in the crib. It is beauiful and very useful. It looks to be pretty durable. It could withstand a lot of things. It appears to be a good and conveinent place for the parent or care giver to leave a window or door open for some fresh air. Although it is a very good crib it also has its drawbacks. For example, it is very inconveinent for a parent or care taker to have to disassemble the tent in order to clean it. Not many parents have to luxery of time to clean a tent. It is also a very hard tent to find. Only select stores have them and not many people know where or can reach the stores that they are in. They would have to go out of their way in order to find them.The Tot's in Mind Cozy Tent ll is a little tricky when trying to assemble. It has like any other thing its pros and cons but in the end I believe it is up to the customer in deciding whether or not they are going to buy it.


Garciasville, TX


a lifesaver if you have a climber


Climbing is inherent.  Or at least that's what I read.  My father in law was a climber, my husband was a climber, and my son (we found out) is a climber.  In fact, he first climbed out of his crib at 18 months-busting his lip in the process.  We tried to move him to a toddler bed, but he wouldn't stay in it, so back to the crib we went.  But this time we did it with a crib tent.  Recommended to us by a friend, I had never even heard of such a thing, but my son had one on his crib for 2 more years-we didn't move him into a regular bed until he was 3 1/2.  We attempted quite a few times, but do to the fact that he also has autism, he was unable to resist climbing out of bed over and over.  And sleep is necessary.  So, back to the crib tent.  I don't know what we would have done without such an invention.  Unfortunately, my son finally did fgure out how to unzip the tent himself from the inside, but it still deterred him from climbing out.


Lehi, UT


very creative great for when you have cats


ok so this is the greatest invention ever for parents with pets. i have 2 cats and they love the baby and are always trying to get in the crib, but they cant. lol. this is great i love it and would recommend it to all parents with or without pets. it is just a nice thing to have!


Ford City, PA


Keeps pests out, and toys in!


My aunt sent this to me when our son was born. She swore by it, but I was skeptical at first. Turns out it's a VERY useful tool! Easy to assemble, fit my standard crib. It looks like a mosquito net but isn't for that purposes as it only covers the Top of the crib. This is to allow you to be able to slide down the side rail if needed. It has a zipper access, so you can put it up, and leave it up! I found this to be my favorite baby tool as soon as my son started throwing his toys. Then his diaper! It definately helped contain the mess. It also kept our curious kitty from jumping in to visit while baby was sleeping. In the daytime if my son wouldn't settle down for a nap, I would cover one side of the tent with one of his thin, dark colored blankets to dampen the sun. The breathable mesh is perfect for this, because air still flows through the rest of it! The only problem I had with this product was having to disassemble it to clean the mesh. I don't know how baby gak goes UP, but it does. Other than that I was in LOVE with the Cozy Crib Tent from Tots in Mind.


Sarasota, FL


Lifesaver for active toddlers!


There comes in time in every parent's life when you start to wonder and worry "What next???" Your child is still too young for a toddler bed, yet is starting to outgrow their crib. In my particular situation, my little boy (then age 1) was becoming a crazy little caveperson in his crib! Every morning I would go into his room, only to be greeted by a billion toys on the floor, the crib pushed way out from the wall, and in one particular instance, the curtain being completely pulled down!! YIKES! I was frantic because I needed a way to keep him safe and (more importantly) in his crib! I began googling every which way on the internet, and I finally came across the Cozy Crib Tent. I let out a huge sigh of relief! I know it may seem a little bit like captivity, but hey, when you have a crazy toddler on the loose, ya gotta do what ya gotta do! ;-) So, I went ahead and ordered that sucker and got express shipping so it would arrive ASAP. As much as I LOVE this product *now*, it was kind of a pain in the butt to put together. You definitely need an extra set of hands, and even better, someone who has incredible arm strength. It's tricky, but once you have it assembled, it is fairly simple to install on the crib. Basically, you set the tent inside the crib, put the mattress on top of it, and velcro a bunch of straps together around the top perimeter of the crib.  Then all you have to do is simply unzip the opening to put your child in, zip it closed, and VOILA! They're trapped! ;-) And if you're worried your child won't like it because they might feel cooped up, you may be surprised! It's actually pretty fun for them! It's like their own special place - a hideaway - and hey, if they jump around, at least they can't hop out! I guarantee that if you buy this product, you'll be very satisfied and *relieved*! Plus, you'll be able to keep your child safely in their crib a little while longer until they are old enough to handle a bigger bed.


Newport News, VA


Tots in Mind Cozy Crib Tent II White

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