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SafeFit Safe 'N Secure Shopping Cart Safety Seat

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Nice as long as you're able to put it on the cart.


I got this thinking it would be a good way to keep "shopping cart" germs off my baby. It works okay. It only covers the actual handle of the shopping cart, in addition to having a sort of flap with leg holes for her to sit in. It has shoulder straps that are not the sturdiest, but get the job done. You use the grocery cart seat belt, if it has one. Some parts of the cart-seat area will still be accessible for baby to put their mouth on, so you'll still want to sanitize it with anti-bacterial wipes or something. Also, it is difficult to put on if you're holding the baby in the other arm. So, if you're by yourself with the baby, you want to try to park your car near a stray cart in the parking lot so you can put the cart cover on before you get the baby out of the carseat. I know sometimes this is not possible, but in that case you will have to do the best you can one-handed. Also, you will find that if the cart is a little bigger than average, the cover will not fit. I have actually not been been using mine lately. It got to be too much hassle--especially when baby and I are shopping alone. I just carry anti-bacterial wipes in the diaper bag and wipe down the areas she can reach.


Venice, FL


keeps my son clean


I am a very neat and clean person and I dislike it when there is dirt around me. I have a child who has severe allergies to nuts and eggs so I try to keep her as clean as possible when we use public items. This cover is very nice because it keeps my son from touching the dirty surface of the shopping cart. The cover is easy to wash when I get home and it folds up so that I can keep it in my car. This seat is really nice because it has straps so that I can strap in my son so he does not fall out of the seat. I like the seat cover because it is comfortable for my son when I use it for him. The cover is nice because it provides a plushy seat for my son that is nice so that he does not have to sit on the hard metal cart. This seat cover also covers the shopping cart handle so that my son is protected when he holds on to the handle as we shop. The buckle is easy for me to strap him in, but not easy for him to get out of.


Norwich, CT


the shopping cart cover is great for keeping germs from baby


The first time I seen the shopping cart seat cover I thought it was such a great idea.  I work in a grocery store and I see all kinds of things going into a shopping cart.  I also see alot of babies chewing on the handles.   As a parent of twins I couldn't find a twin cover to fit the bigger shopping carts so I went and bought a pattern to make one for myself.  With some adjustments  I made a twin size and it turned out pretty good.  Once I made one everyone wanted one for their own child.  With every new baby that comes in to my life e.g. family, friends or co workers I am now giving a shopping cart seat cover for a gift to the little one.  Every new parents thinks it is great and are very apperceptive of the cover.  It is also easy to care for just through it in the wash.


Erie, PA


SafeFit Safe 'N Secure Shopping Cart Safety Seat

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