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Denali 115-Piece Home Repair Tool Kit

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denali 115-piece home repair tool kit


I loved this home repair tool kit because there are so many projects to work on and not have to buy separ at pieces all the time for certain projects for example, I was working on my back porch installing a new screen and sanding the wooden floors before I applied a fresh coat of sealant and I used the screwdriver from the home repair kit and the cutter. I didn't think so many parts and equipment could come in a home kit I was simply amazed at the amount of stuff I could do with the equipment. I  also started a project to seal the roof and needed some of the parts  this kit had to clean the roof and remove the old shingles then I realized  I could also use a drill that came in the kit to fix some fixtures in the bathroom. I simply enjoyed using all the tools in the kit and no I don't ever think I will lose any pieces because there are so many because being a male when it comes to our equipment and parts we have a tendacy to keep up with those things more than anything else so you can take that to the bank. GREAT PRODUCT!


Winston Salem, NC


Denali 115-Piece Home Repair Tool Kit

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