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Gerber 31-000674 MP450 Compact Sport Multi Tool

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My husband tried many and this was the keeper!


So this past Christmas, my husband asked for a new mulitool and to be sure it would close completely to fit in his pocket. So off I go in search of something that would cost me and arm and a leg. Let me tell you that there is a vast difference in pricing for mutlitools! And now I will tell you i was so overwhelmed, I bought 3. The Gerber was leaps and bounds better. One of the others was too big, the other was too small. This one had the smoothest opening the others kind of got stuck. This has weight to it, and is not flimsy. The small one I purchased was quite flimsy. I liked how easliy it fit in the pocket, but the Gerber will too. and come with a belt attachment as well. Its amazing how many gadgets Gerber fits in these multitools. But it has most everything you could need for day to day use. I am pretty sure I should start keeping one with me in my purse. I can't tell you how many times I've asked my husband to get his out!


Muskegon, MI


great product!


its alright...it doesnt do fully what it said it should, but it still does its main job. the quality is nice and it was pretty cheap. i'm not sure if i would recommend it or not...i'm still debating about that   if u find a sale for this product, DEFINITELY buy it. but if u find it somewhere expensive, DON'T buy it: it wudnt be necessary then -multipurpose! -Great value!-Right tool for the jobs! 


Midland Park, NJ


The Knife That Saved My Life! Gerber 21-000674 MP450 Multitool


When I first got this as a gift, I thought I'd never use it. I rarely need a knife, let alone a multitool, but I have been proved wrong. I was hiking and brought along a couple of bottled drinks, but forgot my can opener. Luckily, I had this masterpiece on me at the time, and got em open. Later, I had to cut a few ropes to get the canoe off the car. This stainless piece of workmanship came through one again! I cannot express how well Gerber has done with this! It has everything a man on the go will need and more! You need pliers? It's got pliers, friend! How about a screwdriver? Consider it done, pal! And it all folds up so nicely and fits in any pocket ever made. If I was to make a multitool, you bet  I would swipe the blueprints for this thing from Gerber and profit! As I've said, it's one of the greatest gifts I've ever recieved. Get one for the man in your life, he'll be glad you did!


Merritt Island, FL


The all-in-one tool you won't be able to live without!


When I first saw the **Gerber 31-000674 MP450 Compact Sport Multi Tool and Paraframe I** I was a bit intimidated by all of the gadets. But once I began to use it, I realized how indespensible this all-in-one tool really is. It has 14 components, including wire cutter/crimper, pliers, knife blade, cross point screwdrivers, can and bottle openeres. It's also compact so it can be used just about anywhere. A great gift for the Mr. Fix-It!


Chicago, IL


Gerber 31-000674 MP450 Compact Sport Multi Tool

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