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Leatherman Blast Multi-Tool

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many uses


This leatherman is the most handy thing you could ever have in your pocket. It has so many uses and it could save you a lot of trouble just having it on hand. Everyone should have one I. Their glove box or pocket. I have a couple of them for hunting and fishing and one that stays in my car at all times. Their are cheaper alternatives out there and I don't recommend those because they will never be as durable as the leatherman. You never know how much you need one until you get one and are without it. Great for gift giving and buying for yourself. It will stand the test of time and come in very handy in a lot of situations.



convenient and helpful


the leatherman company has been a reliable one.  it has quality products that i use regularly.  the tools that come in it are wide and variable. the seraded blade is nice for sawing through a stick or stump and the file is nice for filing your nails.  it is stainless steel and wont rust easily.  it comes with attachable and reattachable tools that slip in and out. the safety locks are easy to unlock which reduces cut fingers and palms. the wire cutters work great the scissors are super good it even has a ruler that measures up to 9 inches

Minneapolis, MN


Leatherman Blast Multi-Tool

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