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Dell Photo All-In-One Printer

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Definately Can't Judge a Book By It's Cover


When I first purchased this product, I thought I was getting more than a bargain. I've had it for about 5 years, however, I've only changed the ink cartridges once, so that goes to show how often I use it. I'm not one to print too much, however, I love the scanner. Long story shortened, it hit the pooper on me. Definately NOT worth the money for a product that didn't work very often. Still looks brand new because it was hardly used but doesn't do it's job. "You can't judge a book by it's cover." Would not purchase again!!!!!


Cumberland, RI


Dell 924 is a decent all-in-one


This is a great device, because it combines copying, scanning, and printing all into one machine. The scanner is incredibly easy to use and intuative. To use some scanners, you have to find the application on the computer, open it, and scan from there, but to use this one, you just change the mode to "Scan" and hit the start button. It scans a preview and brings up the scanner on the computer. To copy is just the same, only you don't have to use the computer at all, and to print, you just hit the print button on whatever you want to print. It does print (and print copies) very slowly, so don't expect it to be super-fast. The quality is decent, even if you only have it set to "draft" quality, and if you set it to auto it gets better. It will jam everyone in a while when it is trying to pull the paper through, but it doesn't happen often enough to be a real nuisance. It runs through ink pretty fast, and I can't seem to figure out how to reset where it shows you the ink level on the computer. You also have to order the ink straight from Dell (or online at some other resaler). The main problem is just the slowness of the printing.


Cullman, AL


This Dell 924 All-In-One is the best one I've had.


Although I'm willing to pay more for quality, the Dell Photo All-In-One Printer is a reasonably priced quality printer that is really easy to set up, use, and depend on. It automatically senses the type of paper that is loaded and adjusts itself.  It prints fast and clearly and I have never had a problem with it.  It is also super easy to set up to receive and send faxes.  I have previously owned a regular inkjet printer and a laser printer but they never measured up to this one.  This printer also has PictBridge on it which means you can print your pictures without having to go through the computer. You just plug the cable from your digital camera right into the PictBridge slot on the front of the printer and you are set to go.  I have printed pictures directly from my digital camera as well as scanning pictures and printing them or re-sizing them as I wish.  They all come out beautifully.  This printer is a joy to own.


Madera, CA


best I have had so far


Have had this printer for over 5 years now - and has yet to fail me!! I trusted the Dell brand and will continue to trust the brand.  And actually it is now Easier and cheaper to get the ink for this printer. honestly I buy my ink on Ebay ALL the time I have never had to pay full price for ink again! - which is a BIG bonus, since that is one of the major expenses on any printer/copier! Now that we use this mainly for business use only, it's dependable and saves money for our business as well and personally - can't say that for most electronics I have seen or used!!! dependability is the best to fall on, I can't tell you it is the BEST , but I can tell you it lasts the duration I need and I probably wouldn't have to buy a new one unless I replaced our computer completely and would get another one for pretty much free, but I don't see that happening anytime soon in our future, I couldn't be more pleased


Inwood, IA


Dell Photo All-In-One Printer

3.8 4