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Dell All-In-One Wireless Printer

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The ink consumption/cost sucks.


The Dell 924 AIO is holding up pretty good.  I've had it for about 3 year and the only thiing negative about it is the ink cost and consumption.  I have paid for this AIO 8 times or more buying ink.  The cartridges are extremely expensive and I tried refilling them at Walgreens.  They were able to refill the black (not work the money, because it barely is visible and last barely a month), but they can not refill the color.  Funny how Dell has this embedded system in the printer that tells you you are out of ink completely, but you can continue to print for months.  I replaced it, but occassionally use it.


Florissant, MO


it prints


A Dell printer, fax and scanner all in one. wow what will they think of next??  we have had this printer for awhile now, it works well, it prints! the paper tray is hard to get in sometimes. the menu is easy to work, this is a good printer if you have a laptop, so you can print from anywhere in the house.  One problem we are having right now is that it will not print wireless. whether it is "our computer" or something to do with the printer and software, i do not know. luckily we do not print much so plugging in the cord to print is really no big deal, but defeats the purpose of wireless,  the ink cartridgesare a bit on the expensive side.  some other good features is that it has different card slots, so that you can take your camera card  right in the slots and print pictures, something i do not do myself because it takes up sooo much ink. it is easy to scan pictures as well. i also use this printer at work and the fax is easy to use.  it is a bit big and bulky and takes up lots of space, but durable and sturdy. would i recommend it...yes, i would.


Roscommon, MI




I am very disappointed in this Dell 948W printer. I wish I would not have spent my money on this printer. I should went with another HP.  The paper tray drawer is hard to pull out, the menu really is awful, you do not have much features to it, they say it is wireless but if you want to scan from your computer you have to have it hooked it to your computer with the usb cable. Why call it wireless if it is not fully wireless? The print quality is not good. It is buggy. You have only 21 days after you purchase it to send it back.


cordele, GA


Dell All-In-One Wireless Printer

2.7 3