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Dell All-In-One Printer

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I love this printer


I love my printer and being a coupon diva i need something i can relay on, that dose not drain my wallet on ink. It prints fast is is a little noisy when it prints but not loud enough to get on my nerves.




Good value, but there are better printers


I'll get right to it. I got this for cheap since it was a bundle along with a laptop I purchased in 2010. As far as the value goes, it's a good deal. However, it eats ink like none other. This might be the case for most inkjets these days, but this one is particularly bad. Also, Dell has this set so that if you don't use Dell brand cartridges, your computer will forever tell you that you're out of ink even though you're not. I buy my ink through enviro-friendly websites that refill used cartridges, so the "Low ink" notification gets annoying after a while. As far as functionality goes, it's about average. Personally, my next printer will be a laserjet. I can't handle the slow, poor quality of these inkjets. If you're in the market for a cheap, wireless all-in-one printer... this one fits the bill. One more thing, the driver has a few issues with Windows 7. This might be specific to my situation, since I originally had Vista, upgraded, and ran into all sorts of issues even after updating drivers, etc.


Minneapolis, MN


Dell V-305 does its job.


This printer actually came with ym dell Inspiron 1525 laptop and I figured that I would try it before going out and investing in a really good printer. Well, I'm glad I did because this printer does the job perfectly. It prints, copies, and scans, everything that I need a printer to be able to do. It connects via USB and does not have wireless capabilities, sry iPad owners like myself. Also, this printer is very quick when you tell it to print something. It prints straight out. There are a few cons, one is that it has white which gets a little dirty and glossy black so expect to see alot of finger marks if you tend to move your printer around or hold your printer alot. The printer can hold a farely large amount of paper. I rarely have to replace paper unless its one of those weeks where I'm doing a lot of school work on my laptop and have to print a bunch of documents. The ink for the printer is alitle expensive, and doesn;t last as long as I would like it too but it's not that big of a deal considering the printer was free. Over all, this printer is very good and I would definitely recommend this to any one needing a good printer.


Marietta, GA


All in One Plus


I ordered the Dell V305 direct from dell on line and was pleased with the fast service I received, When it arrived I unpacked it and plugged it in and was on my way to Print, Scan and Copy right out of the Box. I would recemment this Printer to anyone that has a laptop and a Desk model with a router, you can print from anywhere in the house. it is Awsome. The only downside is the cost of the Ink.


Kansas City, MO


Dell V305 aVerage


I've only ever owned 2 printers, but from my experience, I would say this printer is average at best. It is possible that I may not be using the printer to it's fullest potential. As far as use goes, the printer is very easy to use. There is nothing complicated about it at all. However, within a couple of months after purchasing this printer I did run into a few problems that were fairly easy to fix. The scanner no longer works by using the buttons on the printer alone. After researching the problem online I was able to find a way to continue using the scanner by accessing the printer toolbox from the computer and sending the command to the printer that way. Compared to my previous Dell printer, I would also say that this printer is rather ink thirsty. It seems I'm needing to replace one cartridge or another almost all the time. Just about every time I use the printer I get a warning that my ink is low, even after just replacing it. Other than the two issues, the printer does seem to work well. The print quality is good enough for everything I've needed it for. I've done some photo printing from the printer, and while it does satisfactory quality, I still prefer to print in a photo lab when possible. Ink also seems to be hard to find for this model.


Victor, ID


Great printer for a great price


Being able to print, copy, and scan all in one printer is very benefial. The ink to me is at a very reasonable price and last extremely long.  Other printers that I have used would have alot of capabilities but every capability it would have it wouldnt be the best and wouldn't benefit the printer such as printing extremely slow or scanning slow or copying and faxing slow or wouldn't fax at all.  Also the printer is not to bulky and can fit mostly on any desk and is attractive.  Most printers with a lot of capabilities seem to be bulky and unattractive which isnt the most important thing about a printer but many people take that into consideration. I personally do take that into consideration because this printer can be used for personal and business purposes and in a business setting apperance seems to be a factor. Overall the printer has a lot of useful features that are good enough to be used in a small business setting which is a big deal.


Charlotte, NC


Almost perfect....


I love and support Dell products, I also have a Dell laptop.  This printer is great for everything, copy/fax/print etc.. I love the multi-function part of it.  The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it always gets paper jams.  I called Dell and they were really nice troubleshooting with me, however we couldnt find a problem, and it seems to do it intermittenly...I tried changing the brand of paper, I obviously use Dell ink with it, and I even tried changing the setting on the printer.  The only time I have experienced this paper jam is when I print dtraight from the computer to the printer, never when there is a copy/fax or such.  It doesnt happen all of the time, but when it does I actually have to take the back of the printer off and grab out pieces of the paper..sometimes if it has advanced far enough I can reach it from the front.  I have printed mailing labels just fine.  This was a costly purchase for us as we got it when it first came out, but we do like ti besides the paper jams here and there.


Beaumont, CA


Dell V305 All-N-One Very Good Printer


I really enjoy using my Dell V305 All-N-One printer.The price is very reasonable for those who are frugal minded.The functionality is terrific as it prints, copies, scans, does excellent photo printing, and is fax ready if you need that. I generally use it for printing internet coupons as I am very budget minded. I have also used it for printing photos and documents, as well as, scanning. The color clarity is nice and clear. The ink cartridges can be purchased through Dell or you may buy them at your local retailer such as Wal-mart. I have had my cartridges refilled at my local drugstore which creates a good savings on my budget. I would suggest this printer to anyone looking for versatility and easy operation for their home office or personal computer needs.


Dalton, GA


Dell V305 is a dependable above average printer.


I bought the Dell V305 mainly for its reasonable price to take care of a small printing job I needed to take care of.But it has turned out to be all the printer I need, I use it for all my needs,my wife uses it and my daughter uses it for all her school reports,essays and whatever she needs.It has even been used several times to print T-shirts.So you see there is not enough I can say about the Dell V305 it has handled every type of printing job that this family can throw at it.If there is any complaint it has to be the ink...In my opinion the ink is the only negative to the printer. The ink cartridges do not seem to carry very much ink, I go through them fairly quickly.I have tried buying the cartridges from retail chain stores but sometimes the cartridges do not fit right.So it is better to buy from Dell. All in all I feel the Dell V305 is a great buy.


Santa Paula, CA


Good for everything


The Dell V305 All-In-One InkJet Printer is great for a small business or a student. It allows you to copy , scan, print, fax, and make color photos all in one. It is not as bulky as one would imagine when the think of an all-in-one. The price is good when ordered alone or from Dell in conjuction with any desktop or laptop. The color photos print out beautifully, all that is needed is the photo paper. The copies can be made using both sides of the sheet, since it gives you the option for conserving paper. The scanner allows you to set the media in which you want the item(s) to be scanned into. I have used the scanner and copier to make flyers or print out more than one item per sheet of paper. The printer has three ports in the front so that various forms of memory cards can be put in. There is even a menu attached to a small screen , that allows you print/scan/ make copies without going through the computer. The only flaw is that ink for this model is considerably higher compared to other models.


Chicago, IL


Dell All-In-One Printer

4.0 16