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Degree Women Fine Fragrance - Sexy Intrigue

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OMG! Great


I am in love with this scent. The name Sexy Intrigue is perfect for the scent. It smells sexy yet intriguing at the same time. If it weren't for this scent, I wold probably purchase another brand. I have a desk job working from home and I do notice that I need to reapply my deodorant some days.





As a Degree antiperspirant user, I've tried my share of their products. The Degree Women Fine Fragrance collection gives you some oomph with their scents. The one that caught my eye was "Sexy Intrigue." To be honest, it was the design on it and the name. I just had to see what ti was all about. After smelling this one, I smelled the others but didn't like them as much. The Fine Fragrance collection is better than the regular Degree antiperspirant, has a stronger smell than the Ultra Clear collection ("Little Black Dress Approved") and also gets on clothes about as much as the regular one. It seems to take a little from each collection. A con, or a pro depending on how you look at it, would be the smell. You can definitely tell that you are wearing it because the smell is not light. It would compete with your perfume if you wear it. Because I like the smell, this was not much of a problem for me, but it was different. If you would rather try a more low-key deodorant, I would suggest something under "Little Black Dress Approved."

San Diego, CA


Degree Women Deodorant in Sexy intrigue smells great!


I love this deodorant! It smells great all day and I love the spray that matches. I do wish it came in clear, sometimes it gets on the shirt I want to wear. I love that Degree has now come out with a scent that is something other than a powder fresh scent or flower scent. This makes it smell like you have a perfume on rather than everyone smelling your deodorant and knowing that your sweating. Now they smell it and think its just your perfume so the ability to mask a sweaty moment is a great plus. This scent has to be by far my favorite of theirs. I think the cost is a bit high, although it does tend to be on sale often. The label and design on the front is very incising, this is the reason I picked this item up. A package can make or break an item, and for me it definitely lead to a purchase and then a returning customer because of the actual scent and product itself. It's looks sassy and like something that would smell good.

Dayton, OH


Degree Fine Fragrance is a Disappointment


I love the Courtyard Hounds singing group (two members of the Dixie Chicks-Marty and Emily) and I noticed that they were endorsing this product. I had a coupon, so I bought the Sexy Intrigue fragrance. Needless to say, I was disappointed with the product. I don't feel the fragrance lasts very long at all. I put it on in the morning and by the time I walked out the door the scent was gone.  I thought maybe it was because I did not put enough on. However, after using what I thought was enough the same thing happened. Even applying it to clothing did not seem to make a difference in how long it lingered.  Perhaps this scent just is not meant for my body chemistry. It is a product that is Made in the USA if that appeals to you. And the bottle is recyclable for those who are green. It does come in several different scents so maybe the other ones are a little better as far as fragrance goes. Again, I was disappointed with Sexy Intrigue.

Pierpont, SD


It's all in the name; leaves you feeling sexy and smelling great


I personally love this deoderant. I'm always really self conscious about perspiration and all that because I'm a gymnast and it's pretty obvious to everyone else if you're smelling. Thankfully, I can rely on Degree Sexy Intrigue to keep me fresh all day! Degree Sexy Intrigue is part of their Fine Fragrances line, which I love. My favorite smell is definitely Sexy Intrigue though. For me, it lasts all day to keep me smelling great. I'm not sure it really prevents prespiration all that well though. I use Certain Dri at nights, which works great, so I don't sweat a lot so I don't really know the effectiveness of the anti-perspirant part of Sexy Intrigue. It also has a matching body spray that I've never tried, but it's a cute idea. One downside to this deoderant is that it's not clear. You pretty much have to put it on after you change, or else you're going to get deoderant marks all over your shirt. Degree claims it's also "body responsive" meaning that it constantly refreshes itself whenever you need a burst of fragrance, which I don't know about either. I personally don't think it responds to your body throughout the day, but that's just me. Overall, great smell, great product, great price. I wouldn't recommend it as a sole anti-perspirant though.

Boise, ID


Degree Women Fine Fragrance - Sexy Intrigue

3.6 5