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Dove Invisible Solid - Sensitive Skin

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Caused a rash


As a budget shopper, I try to find the best deals. When I saw Dove antiperspirant was on sale, I took advantage of the offer. The scent was mild & fresh. The texture was very smooth gliding on. The scent didn't last long & definitely didn't keep me dry 1) in the office & 2) working out. The product gave me a rash after 2 consecutive days of use & by the 3rd, my armpits were noticeably sore, red, & spotted with red bumps. This wasn't the best product for me but that's not to say this is not a good brand. I just prefer Dove hair care.


Redding, CA


It's the only one I've been able to use


I've been using Dove deodorant for years it's the only one that doesn't give me a rash I absolutely love it






DOVE INVISIBLE SOLID SENSITIVE SKIN It is a very good product. I use it daily befor I go out. It eliminate the odor of the wetness even while I jonging and practising sport. It works brillantly to control wettness and odor and it gives a good smell also skin on my inderarms consistely softer and spmoother since i started using it and it never ever stings when i put it on after shaving. It dosen't leave stains on my clothing and smells nice. I'am satisfaid with it.




flaky dry white deodorant safe for sensitive skin


I have very sensitive skin, and I am incredibly cautious about what products I use on my skin. There are entire categories of toiletries that I no longer use at all, and deodorant is one of them. This is the last traditional deodorant product that I used. It was definitely the only deodorant I was able to use for any length of time and I would say it is safe enough to try if you have sensitivities like me. It is the dry caky kind of deodorant, so it leaves residue on shirts after you pull them on. It has no odor, so it's not going to make you smell like flowers, it's just going to help reduce the odor that emanates from your pits. It isn't effective enough to warrant the mild discomfort it causes me so I discontinued use, and switched to something non-traditional. If I needed to use traditional deodorant for a special occasion I might buy this product again just for occasional usage.




I like Dove Invisible Solid for Sensitive Skin


There are a lot of deodorants that can irritate my underarms because of the harsh chemicals, but this one doesn't do that. Dove Invisible Solid for Sensitive Skin works quite well and is one of the more affordable ones on the market believe it or not. It doesn't have a strong smell at all so it's good for everyday wear. The smell is powder fresh and doesn't seem artificial to me. Yes, it does go on invisible so you don't have to worry about white streaks in your armpits when you use Dove Invisible Solid for Sensitive Skin. It's white but goes on clear I swear and I don't really know how they do it. One tube can last me up to 3 months. I like the design of the package because it fits their image very well. They try to appeal to simple folk and that is why I was attracted to it in the first place. So far, I have had no reactions so I would totally recommend this to people who have sensitive skin.


Arlington, TX


No more white sleeves or red shaving bumps!!!


I really like the sensitive skin Dove deoderant and antiperspirant.  I like to wear tank tops, but I hate seeing whiteness under my arms on the sleeves.  I have never had this problem with the Dove.  It has a very light fragrance so I don't have that self conscious feeling of smelling overpowering.  I recommend this to all my friends.  Oh, and I have sensitive skin and get those annoying red bumps after I shave, but the Dove deoderant helps keep skin smooth.


Valdosta, GA


Dove Invisible Solid is great protection for sensitive skin


This lightweight, unscented formula has been amazing for my skin. I don't think it would be a stretch to say I've tried every kind of deodorant known to womankind, and not just because I'm bored or because I'm some kind of deodorant snob, but because I'm pretty convinced I have the world's most sensitive skin. Really. My dermatologist once recommended that I actually not even bother wearing deodorant because it irritated my skin so much (at which point in time I promptly laughed and told him that was not an option: I'm a teacher and believe me when I tell you that kids will notice if their teacher doesn't wear deodorant. That could become a serious--or maybe funny, depending on how you look at it--kind of problem). That said, I can't say enough good things about Dove Invisible Solid for Sensitive Skin. It doesn't leave that weird residue so many invisible solids do, and I think that's a big part of why it works for me. It's silky smooth, but not too heavy. As for protection level, I'd say it's about a medium, but I'm more than happy with that considering the alternative.


Cleveland, OH


Dove Sensitive Skin Deodorant Works Great For Me


I am a redhead and have sensitivity issues with many cosmetic products such as perfume, lotions, soap and deodorant.  I hate breaking out in a rash and itching.  I know that Dove products are known for being mild, so I decided to give their sensitive skin and unscented deodorant a try.  This is a 2.6 ounce invisible solid deodorant.  I have been using it for several months now and love it.  It works out great.  I don't like deodorants battling for scent with my perfumes.  I have not broken out at all.  The only thing I don't like about this product is that it does contain Aluminum Zirconium, which is not a healthy ingredient. That is why I only gave it a four star rating.   The bottom turns to adjust the deodorant up when it is getting low.  The cap stays on securely.  My next type I want to try is Tom's of Maine, as it does not contain the aluminum ingredient.  Dove deodorant is not an expensive brand and you can often get coupons through the Sunday coupon section or from the on-line coupon websites.  If you have  sensitive skin, give this product a try.  It does come in a few scents. 


Oxford, OH


Dove Deodorant for Sensitive Skin = best deo for sensitive skin


Dove Deodorant for Sensitive Skin was recommended by my dermatologist is my go-to deodorant due to my sensitive skin. It has not completely reduced the itchiness in my armpits after shaving but is non-scented and the best deodorant I've found that you can get over the counter (even the kind I've gotten prescribed by the doctor has been for excess sweating). This deodorant is gentle and does not further irritate my already very sensitive skin. I like that it has no obnoxious fragrances or smell or dyes. Also, how could you not like a product by a company (Dove) which does an advertisement campaign promoting that beautiful can come in all sizes? If you struggle from sensitive skin, razor burn, rash, etc. on your underarms I would recommend splurging from the store-brand on this product. I also like that this deodorant is a nice texture and is not the creamy sort that some deodorants which squirt up after cranking the dial.


Memphis, TN


Dove deodorant sensitive skin is true to its word!


Dove sensitive skin is the only deodorant I can use because the other deodorants all give me a terrible rash all down my arms and sides.  Dove sensitive skin is just that: for sensitive skin.  Another benefit of Dove is that this deodorant does not show up on clothes like so many other deodorants.  Dove's deodorant also has an extremely fresh scent that makes a woman feel refreshed and clean for an entire day no matter what their activity.  There is a soft sort of powder overlay that helps soak up any perspiration and the smell is covered up, not necessarily by a stronger smell from the deodorant, but hidden by the light scent the deodorant gives. The best thing about Dove deodorant is the moisturizing factor it gives, especially after shaving.  Dove is the best deodorant for any woman, especially those who shave their underarms. The price is fair and reasonable for the product and I do not think any other deodorant comes close.


Zeeland, MI


Dove Invisible Solid - Sensitive Skin

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