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Ban Invisible Solid - Shower Fresh

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Ban Invisible Stick: Fresh Scent and Decent Protection


Consumer products are always evolving and always changing, with new varieties and styles of everything showing up on store shelves on a regular basis. There are some brands, however, that have staying power and continue to be manufactured and sold with little advertising. One brand that has proven itself a cash cow is Ban deodorant and one of its many different varieties is **Ban Invisible Solid Shower Fresh**. **Deodorant Commentary:** Ban Invisible Solid Shower Fresh is a stick type of deodorant that contains both odor fighting ingredients and wetness prevention ingredients. The product has a scent that is gender- neutral and could be described as air freshener- like and very pleasant. Ban Invisible Solid Shower Fresh does a good job at preventing odor, but I don't necessarily agree with the manufacturer's 24- hour protection claim. I find it works well for the majority of the day, but the effectiveness starts to wear off once you reach the second half of any twenty- four hour period. As for wetness fighting, Ban Invisible Solid Shower Fresh is a good product, but not among the best I have tried. Wetness doesn't seem to be much of problem for me anyway, given my limited physical activity on a given day, but when I do get a little more physical, I have found that this product doesn't stop the wetness completely. **Bottom- Line Viewpoint:** Looking at Ban Invisible Solid Shower Fresh from multiple angles reveals a product that is good and reasonably effective, but not one of the better ones on the market. I still prefer Speed Stick, Axe, and other brands, but I agree that Ban Invisible Solid Shower Fresh is good enough for occasional use. Its respectable level of effectiveness and lower than average price make it a good choice for most consumers.


Houston, TX


Ban Invisible Solid is the only thing I use!


I have had both scents in this deodorant/antiperspirant and I love it very much. You can apply this before a athletic game, or before you work out, or just on your everyday regular basis for your everyday deodorizing needs. Either way it works great! I love the smell that these come in. I thought I wouldn't like them when I smelt them at the store, but when I got home, and applied it I loved it when it was on! These are really amazing products. They do go on invisible. Even though the stick is white, and it seems powdery to the touch and from sight, when you apply it- it isn't powdery or stiff at all. It's almost like a 'gel stick' deodorant, which you see a lot in men's deodorant's and antiperspirants. Even though this has iron in it and some other un healthy, chemical based ingredients that can cause breast cancer, and other things, I am addicted to it. I really, really hate sweating. I live in an extremely humid, summer climate where it gets well over 100 degrees, with humidity in the 90s in the summer, and so sweating, obviously, can be a concern around here. I do not like sweating, and feeling 'sticky' or 'wet' in the under arm area, and I have tried many, many , many, many, many deodorants and antiperspirants, and this definitely works the best out of all that I have tried on the market. And it smells great! It's like you're not even sweating at all! Great product! Never want to use any other deodorant EVER.


Manitowoc, WI


glad I tried it


I'll admit, I never would have walked down the deodorant aisle and picked up "Ban", I always used "Secret" or "Degree". But last summer I got a coupon to try Ban deodorant/antiperspirant for free, so I decided I might as well because I had nothing to lose. And I'm glad I did! I love this stuff, I haven't used any other deodorant/antiperspirant since I switched to Ban. It works very well, it keeps my underarms dry all day. I used to worry about sweat-rings a lot when I wore tight-fitting t-shirts, I don't worry as much anymore. And it doesn't leave white smudges on my clothes as bad as other deodorant/antiperspirants claiming to be invisible did.  I like the scent too, just enough scent to smell fresh, but it's not overwhelmingly perfume-y. I can usually find coupons for Ban, too, so it's very budget-friendly. If you are looking for a new deodorant/antiperspirant to switch to, I highly recommend giving Ban a try.


Kansas City, MO


love it


I have sensitive skin so a lot of times my underarms get irritated after shaving. But with this deodorant, it sooths the skin and helps relieve the irritations. It lasts a long time and does its job at preventing perspiration. The smell is really fresh and clean that lasts all day so people will think you just showered. I really like how it smells and it's not too strong so it won't overpower perfumes if you wanted to wear one. I've never noticed that it came off on my clothes even when I sweat. I've been using it for months and I'll probably continue using it unless my skin begins to show a negative reaction to it. But so far I only have good things to say about this deodorant. It's a bit cheaper than other ones too even though it's just as strong and good smelling. This solid is some great stuff but I might like to try the gel version someday just to see if it's as good as this. All I can say is give it a try!


Chapel Hill, NC


For those who like to wear black


This product is great for people who like to smell fresh and wear black at the same time. The shower fresh scent is good and not too overpowering, yet not understated. It's a calm, natural scent that isn't too perfumey or flowery. It doesn't leave any marks on clothing, which is wonderful because I love to wear black. Most of my wardrobe is black, and now it doesn't get discolored by my deoderant. The multiple sizes is a great feature. I use the sample size for traveling, and also keep one in my gym bag. This is my top choice deoderant out of many, especially for after the gym when I don't have time to shower. It leaves me smelling clean and fresh when I might not be after a long workout.   It lasts a good long time, longer than most deoderants I've used in the past. It lasts all day without any need for reapplication, which is great because I'm always on the go and running around from place to place. I'm really happy I found this stuff!


Jamaica, NY


Ban is the ONLY deodorant I use!


I must say, I am a bargain hunter always looking for the best deal.  I don't stick to one brand hardly ever, because I just try to find the best deal.  Plus, it's fun to try new brands. However, I have tried SEVERAL brands of deodorant and I have concluded that Ban is the only deodorant that works for me.  Yes, you will still sweat.  Yes, you may still get wet armpits.  I believe that to be true with all deodorants.  You can't completely stop it ever.  However, Ban is the only deodorant where I can still sweat, and I won't smell.  I never have body odor issues with this deodorant. I don't recommend the roll on liquid.  It's messy, it feels gross, and it doesn't work nearly as well as the solid deodorant.  I have used several scents for the solid Ban deodorant and the Shower Fresh is by far my favorite.  It is not over powering and it smells nice and fresh.  It is also gentle on your skin.  I have never had troubles with Ban deodorant irritating my skin.  I love it!


Buffalo, MN


Ban is the best!


Ban deoderent invisible solid is the best deoderent. It does not leave any marks. At all. And this deoderent leaves a fresh scent that stays all day and you smell great! Deoderent is needed by every single person but not all of the deoderents are the same. This deoderent needs to be in every single woman's bathroom. It smells so great and even my boyfriend has made a comment on how good my deoderent smells. Also it keeps me dry all day long. Other deoderents I need to re-apply throughout the day and the ban brand does not need that. I always smell great and it does not leave any white marks. Even on my little black dress. I had tried secret once and that left black marks and stained my clothing! But not Ban. Ban is the best! It doesn't come off on my clothes one bit. The only problem I have is that it runs out! I would love to have it at all times but it does run out eventually. Get Ban. Smell good. Stay clean.


Saint Paul, MN


I love Ban Invisible Solid.


The Ban Invisible Solid - Shower Fresh deodorant works great, and smells great too!  This deodarant is long - lasting and I use it every day.  The only complaint is that it sometimes leaves marks on dark colored clothing.  Not a big deal for me though, it will wash out.  I have been using this product for years now.  I don't think there is a better deodarant out there for me.  I just love the smell so much and it comes in a cool lime green container.  It is very eye - catching.  The smell is not overbearing or strong.  I believe it is girly and smells fresh and just right.  I never have sweat stains like I have had with previous deodarants.  It works great while I'm working out and sweating.  My armpits stay dry while using this product.  I love that I only have to apply this deodarant once a day, every morning.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone. My friends use the same Band Invisible Solid, and they love it too.


Keller, TX




I don't think I have ever used a deodorant that has lasted as long.  And, yes.  I use deodorant daily.  It smelled fresh and wonderful, it worked perfectly, and it didn't leave marks.  Highly recommended!


Athens, TN


Works Great!


I tried this deoderant when I was going on a trip one time and I wanted to find a travel sized deoderant to bring so it would take up less room in my carry-on luggage.  I had never used ban before but decided to give it a try because it was it a nice compact container. It ended up working great.  Usually most deoderants/antiperspirants eliminate most of the sweating but not all of it for me.  I found that Ban actually made my armpits stay very dry! I noticed that it has a bit of a higher amount of the anti-perspirant in it compared to other womens deoderants.  (In the past I have has to use men's deoderant because it has a higher anti-perspirant content in it).  After using this kind I havent had to use men's deoderants anymore (which made me happy cause I was sick of smelling like a man!)  I also liked how it did not leave any of those annoying white streaks all over my clothes, in addition to having a nice fresh smell to it.  After my trip I ended up buying two fullsized containers of it. (Another plus, I have noticed that they are often on sale.  I got mine for buy one get one free, plus had a coupon!) 


Spencerport, NY


Ban Invisible Solid - Shower Fresh

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