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Decora Rugs

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Nice Products!!


Great experience and quality service, unbelievable products.




Always read reviews


I have to be honest when I tell you - I sincerely wish I had never come into contact with this company at all! Several years ago. Had I known to read reviews prior to purchase, I would have been a much happier camper! I purchased 2 area rus, one for the living room and one for the second dining room. They were supposed to come with free rug pads. Shortly after my order - ( actually 3 days later) I sent an email inquiring about the shipping process. They replayed after an additional 2 days and said that one of them was out of stock so I would have my 2 rugs shipped within the next 2 business days. Okay, no problem, so I thought! Almost 1 full week later I was pretty angry but kept my cool and decided that I would call instead. As expected, I was told that there was some kind of hold up and my order had still not been shipped. I asked them if it was possible to cancel my order entirely and at that point the whole game changed!I was told all sales re final and my order was going to ship the following morning. All of this went on and on for the next week. Once I was officially sick and tired I had to call my credit card company and attempt to file a charge back. Although the credit card company said it could take up to 60 days, dependent on the company's cooperation, it actually took less than 10 days because there were so many complaints involving this company. My valuable lesson learned was - read reviews first! Shipping and Returns You will never receive your rug!




Decora Rugs has me worried


Three-and-half weeks ago I ordered an area rug from Decora Rugs that seemed like a real bargain. In fact, I had ordered the same rug from Lowe's, but canceled that order because Decora's price was about 15% lower. Lowe's told me that the rug was in stock and would arrive at my house in 10 days. After ordering the exact same rug from Decora, I was told that the manufacturer, Milliken, would be "custom making" my rug, which could take two weeks. Hmmm . . Now, three-and-half weeks later, Decora is still telling me that Milliken is causing the delay. Meanwhile I'm finding very conflicted reviews online about Decora. Some had the same experience as I'm having and wound up cancelling. There are reports of Decora's pending bankruptcy. Still others "love" Decora and had a "wonderful experience." Obviously, I'm worried and on the verge of cancelling. I'll post my final experience.


Freeland, WA


"Wonderful To Deal With"


I found Decora Rugs on Google under "Momeni Rugs" and I am sure glad I did. This is a first class on-line company. They treated me wonderfully. They advised me regarding the different qualities of rugs, and helped me to choose a color pallette that would best coordinate with the color of my furnishings that i described to them. I received the rug in approximately two weeks and it was amazingly perfect. I also saw the same rug in a department store at a price that was about 40% more expensive. I usually don't write reviews but this company went out of their way to help me. I also found a couple of negative reviews before ordering. They were so obviously false that the information they revealed was clearly coming from a competitor and untrue. I spoke with other websites before ordering from Decora. The complaints contained information that no customer would have knowledge of. I can only tell you that this company is the best. Dan G.


Lake Worth, FL


Great Customer Service - Best Selection


I went to a local rug store and decided to go on-line before ordering. I found Decora Rugs and was highly impressed that they carried the rugs of over sixty manufacturers. I found a rug that was 40% less expensive than the store I visited. Before ordering, I spoke with their customer service department. They were outstanding. They explained the different qualities, price variations and were extremely helpful. I ordered a rug from them. They told me it would take about two weeks to receive and it arrived exactly fourteen days later. Everything they said they would do, they did and actually exceeded my expectations. This company is to good for negative reviews. It sounds to me like some dubious competitors are adding some negative statements for obvious reasons. There is one negative response that actually names another rug website as an alternative. Give me a break!. These guys are terrific!


Boca Raton, FL


Best on-line company I have dealt with.


I called this company in the beginning of November. I asked for help in picking out a rug for my decor. A woman spent over fourty-five minutes helping me. After we chose two rugs, I asked If there was any way I could get them before Thanksgiving. She told me she could not promise, but would walk the order through their customer support section. The rugs arrived the day before Thanksgiving and they are absolutely gorgeous. They also were priced about fourty percent below a nearby department store. I have never dealt with an on-line company that provided such exceptional ervice. These guys are great. Linda Schilhorn


Millbury, MA


Decora Rugs

3.5 6