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Decent Exposures
Decent Exposures Nursing Un-Bra

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These are fantastic bras!!


I have used a number of different nursing bras through many years of nursing three children, but I absolutely love the Decent Exposures bras!  They actually call them Un-Bras, because they aren't like most bras.  They are extremely comfortable, and fit very well.  The company will customize the fit for you; the people there are all extremely nice.  Their regular bras can be used for nursing simply by moving aside the straps, and that always worked very well for me, but they also make a bra with a velcro closure for people who prefer that.  They offer a number of different fabrics - all cotton, dri-release fabric that wicks away moisture, which is my personal favorite, or a cotton-lycra blend - and colors.  There are so many colors that I find it hard to choose.  My daughter, who is fifteen now, likes the cotton eyelet.  There are also different styles.The only down side is that the bras are a bit pricey; however, to me it is worth it to have such a well-fitting, comfortable bra.

San Antonio, TX


Decent Exposures Nursing Un-Bra

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