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Dahon Speed 8 Bike

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Reinventing the wheel every year."


This is are the believes that Dahon incorporates in its designs. **Re-inventing the Wheel**When you try and solve problems by looking at what others have done before, you stifle creativity and limit your ability to come up with truly original and unique solutions. Dr. David Hon, our founder, left Hughes Aircraft and started his own company after all of the large bicycle manufacturers rejected his original folding bicycle design. Dahon has built the most popular folding bike for 22 years. Every year it has improved each product by at least 15%. Dahon owners can also rely on durability that will provide them with a folding bicycles for years to come. Their goal, they say is to get many more butts onto bikes. Sure, there are lots of folding bicycles on the market, but how many of them are truly portable? A bicycle isn't portable if it's too heavy to lift into your car or carry across a subway station. Portable bicycles need to be light. And we make the lightest folding bikes in the world. Each year, every part of every bike is scrutinized by our team of engineers to see how we can make it stronger or lighter. The result: what you thought was a pretty darn good bike last year gets just a bit stronger and lighter this year. Our obsession with weight is why even our steel frame bicycles are lighter than the aluminum frame bicycles of most other manufacturers.  - **n** - Frame design can be even more important than frame material in building a light frame. A good frame is strong and light. Some frames on the market are strong but heavy. A few are light but not strong enough. And many of the cheaper folding bikes on the market are neither light nor strong. Many of our latest patented technologies focus on how to make a strong but lightweight frame. These technologies include our Re-BarTM technology, Sonus tubing, PowerBulge technology, Embed bottom brackets, and WrapAround chainstays. - **Frame Details** - Butted tubing, CNC machined head tubes, forged hinges and drop-outs - **Super-Oversize Seat Posts** - We use custom 34mm seat posts on all of our compact bikes. The larger diameter tubing lets us use thinner tubing while maintaining strength. - **Careful Parts Selection** - In the months leading up to the introduction of each year's models, our bicycle designers fall asleep with their arms wrapped around digital weight scales. That's because a big part of what they do is searching for lighter and better new components. Each potential component is weighed, tested, and ridden. Lighter tire casings, narrower and shorter chains, Kevlar cable housing, compact brake arms, CompactDrive chain rings and sprockets, aluminum spoke nipples - these are just some of the many ways we lighten our bikes. In each case, the difference is only a few grams but when you can cut 5% of weight off each component, it adds up. The final crucial piece to building sanely light bikes is proper testing equipment. Every frame and every component we make is sent to our testing department for a battery of tests. Testing lets us know how much of a safety margin we have and how far we can push the weight envelope. Here's a good question: how many folding bike manufacturers actually have their own in-house testing equipment? **Safety First**We are committed to building the safest bikes possible. Our bikes incorporate many different design features and technologies to improve safety. Following are some of the many ways we ensure the highest levels of safety: - companies that do have their own factories don't produce their own frames. This is - **Lifetime Frame Warranty** - Of course, all of these technologies wouldn't mean a thing if our frames weren't rock solid. That's why we can offer a lifetime* warranty on all of our frames and folding components. *Contingent on the customer having their bike adjusted by a bike technician before riding and sending in the warranty card.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Dahon Speed 8 Bike

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