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Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill DBM-8

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Good Grinder


I love fresh coffee, but often find the grindeing process to take a lot of the flavor out of my coffee beans. I bought this grinder based on some reviews from some fellow coffee lovers. It did not dissapoint. The miraculous thing to me is that the beans are heated up whiel they are being grinded which makes the beans taste even better to me. It is very easy to clean as Ive had issues with some grinders being extremely difficult to clean. I would deffinitly recommend this grinder to those wanting a new experience with their coffee.


Charlotte, TN


Awesome grinder!


My husband and I love freshly ground coffee. We were looking around for a good and affordable grinder and found this one. It has so many grind settings that it makes it easy to find the right one. Also, I love that you can grind different quantities which is helpful in keeping the coffee as fresh as possible. The machine itself is pretty good looking and looks nice on my counter. The grinder is a bit noisy but I actually like the sound and my one year old son finds it fascinating. My only real complaint is that it can be a bit messy- when opening the top to get the coffee out it spills grounds that were on the lid.


Cape Coral, FL


The Cuisinart DBM-8 Burr Grinder... perfect espresso.


The Cuisinart DBM-8 is a great improvement over my cheap old blade grinder. When I stepped up to a "real" espresso machine, I decided that crudely chopping the beans into bits via a dull blade grinder was just not going to cut it... no pun intended. After looking around at various Burr Grinders, this one stood out for its advanced features at a very reasonable price. There are some aspects that may deter certain users, but for me this machine was a perfect fit. It holds the beans in the top hopper, but that hopper is in no way sealed. If you intend to store your beans in the hopper, they will go stale and lose flavor. I store my beans in a tightly sealed container, and only add the beans I intent to use right before grinding. Similarly, the container in which the ground coffee is deposited is not sealed, and ground coffee should be used immediately. Luckily, the DBM-8 provides and easy to use slider to select the perfect amount of coffee to grind, from 4 to 18 cups. Also, the dial selector allows you to perfect your brew with 18 different levels of grind from fine to coarse. Obviously, being a burr grinder, the grind is even and uniform compared to my old grinder. Once you add the beans, select the grind and the amount, and turn it on... it is loud. This has not been a factor for me, but grinding coffee in a kitchen full of guests will halt all conversation until the job is done. I have no reference for the speed at which this machine grinds, but I would rate it as acceptable. The motor seems reliable, and I have had no problems with the functionality or the above average build quality. All in all, I am happy with this purchase and have enjoys many excellent cups of coffee thanks in part to this machine.


Garland, TX


Cuisinart Grinder makes my husband happy!


My husband is ob-sessed with coffee. He drinks it whenever he needs a pick me up, which is at least once a day, if not more often. We have had whole slew of different kinds of grinders, french presses and coffee makers. This Cuisinart grinder has brought him much joy! It sits in our coffee corner (out of the way from us non-coffee drinkers) and stores the whole beans in the hopper above the grinder. It has MANY different settings to grind the coffee to each individual's perfection. The container that holds the ground coffee washes easily and snaps back in to place each time. The price was reasonable for both storage and such specific grinding. It is attractive to look at and easy to use, clean and take care of. I definitely recommend for coffee lovers!


Elkhart, IN


Burr Mill - Best Wedding Present Ever...almost :)


My husband and I received this as a wedding present. We had been using a much small coffee/spice grinder to grind beans before receiving this and were not aware of what we were missing out on. I love this grinder. We have had it for two full years now and use it daily. We have not have any problems with it operating correctly. And just as important as the grinder working well, our coffee machine has worked better since we started putting beans in the Burr Mill to be ground. It used to be the case that about once a week the coffee maker would back up and overflow because of the grinds getting into unwanted areas but we have never had that problem since we began using the Burr Mill. The grinder is loud but it doesn't take long to grind the beans. I usually grind the beans the night before and have the coffee maker set for the morning but the noise of the grinder could be a problem if you were concerned about early morning kitchen noise. Great buy...I highly recommend this product.


Chicago, IL


Great mill, wish I had sprung for it earlier


After only having coffee grinders where you add a certain amount of coffee and try to grind it for the correct amount of time before dumping it out, this is the BEST. You can fill it with coffee beans, then there are settings for how coarse or fine you want your coffee and how much you need. So no matter if I want coffee ground for the french press or the espresso maker, I can get it exactly how I need it each time. The beans go through the mill so they are all ground evenly, opposed to the grinders where all the beans spin around together and some are too fine, some too coarse. Other coffee grinders that the beans go through, you still have to measure out how much to send through, this you don't ever have to do that. Fill with beans, select grind, select serving amount, press start.


Barksdale Afb, LA


Works Great!


I actually use this grinder to grind wheat, not coffee beans. I have had it for almost 2 months now, and have ground about 20 pounds of wheat since then. It has held up extremely well, especially considering it was a refurbished unit. I'm sure the manufacturer's instructions say something about not using it grind wheat, but....if that's what you're looking for, this grinder is perfect! The top hopper will hold 4-5 cups at a time, and I've found I get the best flour when it is all the way to the left on the "fine" setting. The cup on the bottom holds 2-3 cups of ground flour. To completely fill the bottom cup, I run it through 2 cycles. Out of all the cons listed, I honestly don't agree with a single one for my use. Yes, it is noisy, but it also is a grinder, and that comes with the territory. I've heard much more expensive ones that are much noisier. It is very easy to clean, it comes with a little brush that brushes away all the leftover flour. Overall, I give the Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill DBM-8 five stars!


Goldsboro, NC


Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr is Affordable Luxury


Moving away from pre-ground coffee was on my list of To-Dos in moving toward adulthood. Thankfully the Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr makes it easy and affordable to do, with minimal drawbacks in function and to my bank account. First of all, the unit is surprising heavy despite the mostly plastic exterior in construction. This indicates the motor is a hefty one worth its salt, and is likely to have a long life. Sure enough, 5 years into my ownership of the Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr, it still has not failed me even once. The choice of 18 settings almost seem excessive, but it is a great feature if you want to be very particular about your grind (as I'm mostly satisfied with a basic range of coarse, medium, to fine.) The drawback I mentioned earlier, is chiefly the difficulty in cleaning leftover ground from the concave crevice. Another is the fresh ground tends to stick in clumps when you pour out a batch bigger than single-brew, and a spillage is made worse by the small rectangular opening in the bin design that ground tends to stick to.


Plano, TX


The Cuisinart Burr Grinder is Awesome!


The Cuisinart Burr Grinder is a must have for coffee drinkers. Before we purchased this grinder we had a blade grinder. It did the job but it burned the beans and only allowed you to chop up a small amount of beans at a time. Since we drink coffee a lot we have become a little picky about how our coffee tastes. We prefer to purchase whole beans of our favorite brands. The Cuisinart Burr Grinder allows us to grind up to a one pound bag of coffee at a time. It holds the leftover grinds in the storage compartment. You can also keep beans in the hopper for easy quick use in the morning. It has different settings to grind between 2 and 12 cups of coffee at a time. The beans won't get burned because there is no blade. It crushes the beans in one pass through. It's very simple to use and allows to set your grind size as well. You can have coarse grinds or very fine grinds for expresso. It's also easy to clean and has only a few pieces.


Cedar Knolls, NJ


great company, great grinder


This is a great grinder that never lets me down!  The grind is always consistant and it doesn't overheat and stop working like some of the other grinders that I have used.  The hopper in mine had a crack in the base and Cuisinart was very quick to send a new one out without even requiring me to send it back first


Telford, PA


Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill DBM-8

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