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Crutch Buddies
Crutch Buddies Pads and Holders.

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Crutch Buddies is truly my buddy on crutches... :O(


I decided to get a bit of medical attention with a tibial plateau fracture when I didn't make a jump off the wave-runner and hit the sideboard instead. Because of little incident, I am now UNHAPPILY crutches dependent for at least 6 weeks so this particular product is now my best friend for a bit. Crutch Buddies is a company that designs products especially for people that are crutch dependent. The particular product that I purchased is the arm pads and pocket carrier. These two products alone have made my time on the crutches a bit nicer. The arm pads provide an extra layer of non frictional matierial that helps keep that rubber stuff from killing my tender skin. I won't say that I don't hurt from them still, but, this product lessens the pain. The pocket holder is wonderful since it attaches to the hand grip and down stays of the crutch providing me with an extra little hand hold and pocket to carry my cellphone and glasses without having to find other places on my body to keep them. This is truly one handy product. Sandy


Whitewright, TX


Crutch Buddies Pads and Holders.

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