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Craig Electronics
Craig Electronics - CMP622E MP3 Player

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Craig CMP622E mp3 player - PIECE OF JUNK!!!!!!!!


My player worked for about a week.  Then, suddenly, one day when I tried to enter mp3 playback mode from the main menu, the unit crashed: shut down then restarted.  Couldn't get into mp3 mode.  Called customer "service"; got someone's voicemail.  Got a call back the next day with a suggestion that I run a virus scan.  Had already done that, no viruses found.  That was all the help they could give me. That same day, for no apparent reason, the player worked fine again for about an hour.  I synced a bunch of mp3 files onto it from a pc.  Now, the unit says "empty disk" when I try to enter mp3 mode, even though when I browse it from the pc all of the synced files are shown on the player.  Called customer "service" again, got the same voicemail (someone with a very thick Hispanic accent who never seems to be at his desk), hit zero for the operator, and got a very unfriendly woman who told me that "both tech support lines are busy right now."  "BOTH"???  They only have two??  So, my unit is not working, probably due to a software problem in the player itself, and no one at Craig knows how to help.  DO NOT BUY THIS PLAYER OR ANYTHING ELSE FROM CRAIG!!!!! 

Royal Oak, MI


Craig Electronics - CMP622E MP3 Player

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