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Craftsman Hex Wrench Set

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Useful little tool


This Craftsman hex wrench set is quality little tool set. The carrying case that sorts by size is very convenient for quickly finding the needed size, and it also makes them easily portable. Instead of losing individual wrenches or having them slip to the bottom of a tool bucket, the case keeps them together and easy to find. The tools themselves work well for a variety of projects. They are a little unstable if trying to loosen something that is extremely tight, but I have found that if I leave the wrench in the case and turn the whole thing, then it gives extra leverage and can loosen tighter bolts. Otherwise, it can be a bit sore on the hands to try to pull against such a thin wrench with enough force to loosen something that is very tight. But all-around, these wrenches are high quality and work well, whether for working with small set screws or with larger bolts that have hex heads.




Finish that project with these tools.


Have you ever tried to repair a project only to find you need to remove some hex head screws and you didn't have the wrench to finish it? Add a set of these wrenches to your toolbox or drawer and you'll be rewarded time and again. This set has many of the most commonly used sizes and they don't take much storage space either. They are an inexpensive addition everybody should own.




Craftsman Hex Wrench Set

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