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Craftsman Dogbone Metric Wrench

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Nice Go To Tool


Great for around the house or for emergencies in the vehicles. Especially when you don't have the time or aren't around your tool box. It makes it so that I don't have to have an entire box end wrench and socket sets on hand at all time. Great space saver. Well built and thought out.



Every size in 1 Wrench!!!!


I bought these dogbone wrenches a few months ago and I love them. It has just about every standard and metric size on one wrench. They are the same quality as their sockets and work just as good. The only reason I gave it a 7 rating is that it is too big to do most jobs with. These are good for working on an area that has a lot of space. There are only a few things you can use them on when working on a car. They are great for doing household jobs though. I've used them for changing my lawnmower blades and other odd jobs around the house. I was worried about them stripping the head of the bolt on my lawnmower blade, but, to my surprise, they worked great. Being as long as they are, it gave me more power to loosen the bolt with ease. Another advantage with these wrenches are that they are magnetic and I can just stick it on my lawnmower body and not have to worry about losing it in the grass. I would definitely recommend the dogbone wrenches for anyone that has repairs to do in their home.



Solid, but not spectacular


I received these wrenches at a white-elephant Christmas exchange because the former owner hated the magnet on the side. The magnet is designed to make for easy storage, but it constantly grabs onto any nearby surface when working, especially in a small space like a car. So he gave them up. I have found this magnet problem to be somewhat irritating, but the wrenches themselves are still useful. Providing 8 sizes at once, they are much easier to store and to carry than a typical set of wrenches. In addition, it's much easier to find the right size, as you simply need to rotate the heads until you find the size that matches. If the space is long and narrow, they can also be used as a nut-driver by turning the correct size to the end instead of the side. Besides the magnets, another drawback is that the head is loose when turning. On a particular tight bolt, the head will sometimes begin to turn instead of turning the bolt if force is not applied in the exact direction the bolt needs to turn. This can cause the wrench to slip and round off the head of the bolt. The other drawback is that this wrench is bulkier than a typical wrench, so it needs a little more space to move.



Craftsman Dogbone Metric Wrench

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