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Hammers, Pliers, Screwdrivers, Wire Cutters, Wrenches

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Useful and sturdy


I have had this small tool kit for two years. The design of the screwdriver is brilliant! One screwdriver, tons of tips and they fit onto the screwdriver magnetically. I've used the screwdriver the most and it's as good as the day I bought it. The pliers, wrench and hammer all work, and the entire tool kit is about the size of a text book, or smaller. Every toy I buy for my children that requires batteries, requires a screwdriver to open the battery compartment. Since the Ikea tool kit is so small, it's in my coat closet and easily accessible. I don't have to worry about getting out a huge tool box and rummaging around to look for pieces. Everything I need is in the Ikea tool kit and I can even see what I need through the clear plastic case. I definitely recommend this tool kit if you're looking for something small that has all of the essentials. It's a great design, well made tools and easy to use.




Must Have!


This is something you must have. It's a lot more worth than the actual price! Of course you can use them as tools to build whatever you buy from IKEA, but you can even use them in any occasion. I bought mine when I purchased my bed frame just because I didn't have any kinds of tools. It has everything in it, and so easy to use! I definitely recommend this product.


Rocklin, CA


Useful tool for your house.


I bought this tool set from Ikea and it turns out to be very useful for usual problems in our house. It is quite cheap, like 7-8 bucks and you should have it in your house. Obviously you can use it to build up anything you buy from Ikea but it's even better than that. I use it a lot for many different purposes. Most of the time, the screwdriver is used to build up other furnitures, to repair stuffs in the kitchen, or simply to change batteries for my kid's toys. And also you can change the heads of the screwdriver by straight-slot, and hex heads for multi-purposes. Also it is definitely a must if you move to some new apartment. My friends borrowed my tool set when they moved to a new apartment and they were so happy with it. Without it, they couldn't do anything. I should say that this tool set is not a professional one, just an amateur one for simple uses. But I'm happy with it anyway since I only need it for simple work in my house. I would strongly recommend it for any family.


Albany, CA


A nice tool set for the occasionally handy.


This little tool set from IKEA is great for apartment/condo dwellers, or house owners that don't want to get to involved. I give this kit to my first time home buyers, as well as keeping one as my just in case tool kit in the truck and one in the "anything" drawer in the kitchen.  It includes a light hammer, pliers with a wire cutter, an adjustable crescent wrench, and a driver handle (like a screwdriver) with interchangeable Phillips, straight-slot, and hex heads for driving screws. Best feature- The driver handle is fixed, not ratcheting.  The ratcheting handles usually give up when you have to put some muscle on it, and then they're worthless.  The fixed handle should hold up to whatever force you can get on it. One more thing- If I was to change one thing, I would have added a few common socket wrench sizes (3/8, 7/16, 1/2, & 9/16) and an adapter to use them with the driver. Great for what it is.  If you just need the minimum tools, this set is well made and well rounded. (I'd like to state, for the record, that I do not believe that Fixa is an actual Swedish word that has anything to do with tools or fixing.) 


Marietta, GA



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