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Craftsman Chrome/Vinyl Hydraulic Stool


Craftsman Hydraulic Stool Supports Precision Work at Your Bench

Whether you're rebuilding a carb, stringing a pull starter or rigging up your own fly-fishing lures, this Craftsman Hydraulic Stool gives you the stable base and adaptability you need to tackle precision tasks. Flexible and quick to adjust, this stool rises and falls to give you solid support through every job. And when the detailed work is done, and you're ready to enjoy a cold one, this supple seat makes a great spot to kick back and savor a job well done!

This Hydraulic Stool is built to last, made with the same level of dependability Craftsman packs into every product. Supported by sturdy chrome legs, packed with resilient foam and covered with tough vinyl, the Craftsman stool makes a durable and handsome addition to any shop or garage. It's endurance-tested for loads up to 300 pounds, so you know it's ready to support you through hours of detail work or kicking back with a couple of work buddies. Grab a seat-or maybe two-and bring home solid support that'll always have your back.

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Comfortable crafting stool.


I purchased this Craftsman chrome stool on sale several months back. Originally it was in the garage but after sitting on it for doing some painting projects I decided I wanted it in my craft room. It is about ten times more comfortable than I thought it would be. The height is just right for my craft table, and it has just enough padding to remain comfortable while I spend hours hunched over my table doing whatever crafts that I happen to be doing. The chrome and vinyl make for pretty quick cleaning, which is good because I tend to be pretty messy when crafting. The stool is very sturdy without being too bulky or heavy. It's easy to move if I need to reposition myself. The vinyl is a good quality not like some other vinyl stools where it's flimsy. Overall I love my Craftsman stool , and would recommend it to anyone who was looking for a comfy stool that will hold up to a variety of different places and conditions.




Cute with a vintage design


I purchased this Craftsman hydraulic stool while I was purchasing the matching Craftsman workbench for my craft room. I had not intended to purchase a matching stool, but when I saw this one, I could not pass it up. I love the design. It has a vintage look to it and it goes perfectly with the chrome/wood look that I was going for in my craft room. I don't even mind that it has "craftsman" written across the seat. It is extremely sturdy and the hydraulic feature is great when you are needing different heights. I am very tall, so I was looking for a stool that will sit a little higher than other ones, and this one fit the bill. If you are looking for a stool to go in your work room or even in your craft room, I would highly recommend checking out this one.


Hendersonville, NC


Great stool for upright work!


After having less than stellar results with a cheap stool I decided to purchase the Craftsman Chrome/Vinyl Hydraulic Stool. What I like most about this chair is that it is extremely sturdy on my uneven floor. The feet of each leg have caps that adjust to the surface of any floor I place it on. The back support does a great job of adjusting to different angles, which allows me not to stay stuck in one position for long periods of time. The height of this stool on it's lowest setting is great at helping me to maintain perfect posture while sitting. When I raise the chair to it highest setting it takes all of the pressure off my hips by opening them up and puts it on my quads and calves. In this position I am practically standing and there is no stress on my back or shoulders. The only negative I have about this chair is that the cushion on the stool flattens out very quickly. After 10 minutes of sitting it feels like I'm sitting on a park bench. I have added a cushion to this stool, which has masked the problem. I would definitely recommend the Craftsman Chrome/Vinyl Hydraulic Stool because helps maintain proper posture, pressure off hips, and it's sturdy.


Westchester, IL


Great Stool For The Cost


This Craftsman stool looks nice in my garage. It requires some assembly, but not much it took my under twenty minutes to put it together. The chrome is bright and shiny and the nuts and bolts secure tightly. This is a very sturdy stool. It is very comfortable to sit on even for long periods of time. I like that it has a weight limit of three hundred pounds and is sturdy, because my children like to play with daddy's stool. Another nice feature is that the seat swivels so you don't have to keep getting up from the stool to reach tools on the other side of your work bench. I like that it has adjustable height so no matter what you are working on you can get to a comfortable position to work on things. There is only one problem with the height adjustment it should adjust lower than what it does by at least two to three inches more. Other than the height adjustment issue this is a great stool and I would recommend this to anyone.


East Dublin, GA


Not worth


I purchased this stool just a month back and was highly disappointed with the quality of this product. The stool was purchased from an online shopping portal and it was delivered within a week to my residential address. The product looks elegant and looked to be made of a solid material. The product description also says that the stool is slip resistant and can manage the weight upto 300 pounds. It comes with a seat as well that can be adjusted accordingly. While drilling a nail in the wall, my husband used this stool for support and after few minutes, he put one leg on the seat and one leg on the stand and the stand broke causing my husband to fall down and he got a major cut on his leg and he started bleeding. I was shocked to see that the stool cannot bear major weight and I had just to give it away as it was no possible to get it repaired and I did not want to take the risk as well. The price is almost double the amount other products charge and the quality is not good at all.




Craftsman Chrome/Vinyl Hydraulic Stool

3.8 5