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Craftsman 5-Drawer Standard Duty Ball-Bearing Tool Center - Black


5-Drawer Standard Duty Ball-Bearing Tool Center Keeps Everything Together Smartly

The Craftsman 5-drawer standard duty ball-bearing tool center offers an ideal storage solution for tools and supplies with a thoughtful design and at a great price. With separate top and bottom chests, the tool center offers drawers in varying sizes to store hand tools, power tools, parts and everything in between. The bulk storage area on the bottom offers plenty of space for larger gear such as welding helmets and circular saws.

The 5-drawer standard duty ball-bearing tool center features ball-bearing slides, hinged supports, caster wheels, and an external keyed locking system. You get easy, quick access to the tools that you use most frequently. With a simple twist of a key, you have a peace of mind about the security of your gear. Simply load all of your gear into this Craftsman tool center and get to work. The tool center is a solid addition to any personal or professional workshop.

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Not What I Expected


I bought this for my husband as a Christmas gift for him to store his new woodworking tools in. For the price I wasn't expecting something indestructible, but more heavy-duty than what we got. It feels like the chest could roll away in a slight breeze, or shoving in a drawer too hard would bend something. The door "flap" on the bottom is finicky, you have to slide it in just right or it gets jammed up, would have been better if it was another drawer. It can hold quite a bit. We store paint cans in the bottom and smaller tools in the drawers. For someone who would use this everyday I would not recommend it, but for occasional use it works fine.




Great Storage Solution


I bought the Craftsman 5 drawer tool storage set for Christmas several years ago. He is a mechanic and needs something dependable and heavy duty to keep his expensive tools in. The 5 drawer tool storage set was the perfect solution. It was extremely easy to assemble. It stores the tools in several different compartments so that he does not have to spend time searching for lost pieces. It also has durable drawers that do not slide all the way out if you pull them too much. The drawers slide in and out very easily. I love the fact that it has casters and can roll around the shop. The storage container is perfect so he can have his tools at his fingertips and doesn't take up too much space in his shop. It makes my life easier because he keeps his tools in one spot which makes everything look so much cleaner at the shop. This is one of the best tool storage drawer sets that he has and it was also a great price. It has a great value for the price. Craftsman is one of those names that you know you can trust.




Awesome addition to any shop or home garage!


This is a great tool box that can really handle wear and tear. It is perfect for either a shop or like we have in our garage! There is plenty of space in the drawers with the top and bottom chests. Offers a variety of sizes for the drawers making it much easier to fit all different types of tools and equipment. The bigger storage area at the bottom really gives you the chance to put almost anything in there. What's nice is the very sleek slim design of the tool box, makes it easy to fit almost anywhere! It's not bulkly or oversized making it impossible to maneuver or fit anywhere. The unit is very sturdy and durable. It is awesome you can have drawers open while you are working and do not have to worry it's going to tip over. Makes it much easier to get easy quick access to tools that you use most frequently. The wheels on the bottom are a huge plus! You can wheel everything from one side of your work area to the other without any trouble. The best part, in my opinion, is the option of being able to close everything up and lock the whole toolbox so you know your tools are secure. Overall I most defiantly recommend this Craftsman Tool Box for anyone who works with their tools often or anyone who has a lot of tools but no where to organize and store them. My boyfriend uses his everyday, he'd be lost without it!




Craftsman 5-Drawer Standard Duty Ball-Bearing Tool Center - Black

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