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Conair GS7 C Compact Fabric Steamer

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Very convenient.


They call this "compact", but it's a pretty good size. It's so handy to have! You plug it in, and in less than a minute...it's ready to go. Wrinkles come out instantly. No need to drag out your iron. It has a hook, so just put the garment you want to steam on a hanger, put it on the hook, and you're all set. I've used it on 'dry clean only' items with no problems at all. I've even used it to steam my furniture...couches, pillows, mattress, curtains, etc. There are only two things that I would change about it...You can't control the steam, so as long as it's turned on, the steam is pouring out. That makes it leak. So you do get some large wet spots on your clothes at times. And there's no squeeze handle, so it's always full steam ahead! In other words, it drips quite a bit, so you have to be careful...it does burn when it hits your skin. Also, plan on steaming your garment a little while before you plan on wearing it, because it will get damp. All in all, I really like this product. I've only had it for three months, and I've already gotten my moneys worth.



Conair GS7 C Compact Fabric Steamer

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