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Coleman Twin Deluxe Air Mattress with Velour Top

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Not great, but not the worst


I have used this many times when I have guests over in my small apartment, or even in my dorm when friends/family would stay over. It isn't very tall so it's not the most comfortable thing to sleep on. When I was moving I slept on this myself, and it felt very uncomfortable! It's a good size but the material has a weird "store away" smell to it and even at full capacity it's not the most comfortable. If you're a slightly larger person like myself, this becomes very comfortable, just a word of advice for those of you out there looking to purchase this. I think it's better to invest in a slightly more expensive one that's more comfortable.



Coleman Air Mattress Provides Comfort & Affordability


I purchased a Coelman Air Mattress a couple of years ago and have used it many times since then.  It has proven itself to be the ideal mattress when company drops in, or even on trips where you know sleeping accomendations might be limited.  Many different sizes and types are available, and they all have the same quality that Coleman has put into their products for years.  For comfort, relaiability and affordibility Coleman Air Mattresses' can't be beat.

Fowlerville, MI


Coleman Air Mattress is convenient


We bought the Coleman QuickBed to use when my six-year-old grandson comes to spend the night.  The Copleman air mattress is made of heavy-duty vinyl with a soft suede top.  There is a storage wrap permanently attached to the mattress to keep it neatly stored and compact. Standard size twin sheets fit the mattress perfectly.  You have to have the Coleman QuickPump, which is sold separately, to pump it up.  When we bought it, we thought it could be inflated with a hair dryer, but the instructions recommend not using a hair dryer because it could cause melting.  We decided to use the hair dryer on a cool setting.  It did inflate, but not fully.  Apparently the hair dryer cannot push enough air in to make it firm. We bought the quick pump and it makes it fast and easy to inflate and also can be used to deflate the mattress quickly and gets all the air completely out.  The pump is battery operated and we have used it dozens of times and the batteries are still good.  Thhis would be especially helpful when your camping and don't have electricity to run an electric pump. The mattress has somewhat of a quilted look to it and we have just recently has some ot that "quilting" come apart and now the mattress has large lumps and will have to be replaced.  We got a lot of use out of it before this happened, and I'm really not sure what caused it.

Swanton, OH


Not worth it


I have bought 1 of these  and the Coleman mattress was only used on a twin bed. By the next morning the Coleman mattress would be deflated and there was no hole.I bought it because I thought it would be soft and help my Fibromyalgia,it did help me sleep better,but I was dissappointed in the leakage.

Hillsboro, KS


very comfy


I just moved into my apartment and i had no bed. A friend lent me an air mattress. I blew it up and all. that night when i was going to sleep, i was so supprised to feel how comfy it was! i slept so well on it, i wish i had that bed in a queen size though.

Charlotte, NC


Coleman Twin Deluxe Air Mattress with Velour Top

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