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Coby - MP3 Player

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My Little boy Love's his Mp 3 Player.


It is really nice Because as a parent I can Program His coby mp3 Player in seconds with the type of music I want him to listen to and it is easy for him to use and he was 5 years old he walk around the house singing the tunes I put in it for him,

Brainerd, MN


The Coby is a decent MP3 player


Being used to the iPod, when it broke I had to find a cheap replacement.  So I went with the Coby when I saw it on sale.  What can I say?  It works.  Sound quality?  Well, it's safe to say it is subpar.  But seeing that I didn't pay much, what was I to expect?  I hoped for something similar to the iPod shuffle, but instead it seemed like I picked up the Coby stumble.  The battery life didn't last long, at all, especially compared to the iPod.  Given all these cons, the pros are great.  It is small, fits in my pocket and is in no way cumbersome.  It is easy to add and take away mp3 tracks.  A big negative on Apple's iPod's is that one cannot transfer audio files from the iPod device to the computer.  This is not the case with the Coby, you can use it just as you would a jump drive, and transfer audio files from one computer to another.  If your looking for a basic MP3 player, don't want to pay much, are on the go and need something that is small, this is it.  If you can afford better, get better.

Boston, MA


Decent mp3 player from a low-end brand


I actually got my Coby MP600 4G by using my stored up 'My Coke Rewards' points so I can't review this based on price.  What I can tell you is that it doesn't record video, and although it has a video screen (2"x2"?) the image quality isn't great (it's barely decent, actually).  The cool thing is it holds 4 gigs in its tiny frame, is easy to operate (once you know what the buttons do - you have to read the manual, because they're not labeled), and uploads songs pretty quick.  The sound quality was better than expected and the headphones that came with it were decent also.  If you just want an entry-level mp3 player this would be a good start.  One warning - I read all (and I mean ALL) the paperwork on this player, and the manual indicates in fine print that 'the cables that come with the device may contain lead - wash hands after handling').  I don't know what the heck that's all about, if it's imported from China or what, and I've never read the manuals for other mp3 players to know if that's normal.  It doesn't sound normal though.  Just make sure, whatever you choose to buy, you read all the paperwork that comes with it!!

Gainesville, FL


Coby Mp3 Player...basic good working Mp3...does the trick.


The Coby Mp3 music player is one of the most basic ones you can get.  It has no radio player, no video capabilities, no pictures.  It basically allows you to download music or any type of audio onto it so you can listen through your headphones.  If you are someone who is technically challenged or isn't looking for anything really fancy, you just want to be able to store a some of your music or audio books/teachings onto one device to have with you whereever you go, then this is defenitly for you.  It is very easy to use!  There is a little cap ( as you can see in the picture) that just pulls right off so you can plug the whole device into any usb drive.  Then you use your windows media player to drag and drop files into the sync section and once you sync it, you just pull the device out and your ready to listen.  There's a up & down volume button, a play/pause button and a forward and back button.  Pretty simple.  Cons:  its dfficult to rewind or fast forward.  You have to hold the button down, and while doing so you can't hear anything, so you have to guess how far to go back/forward and just keep trying it until you get to the right spot.

Saint Petersburg, FL


Coby - MP3 Player

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