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Clinique Quickliner for Lips - All Shades

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There are better lipliners out there


I've used this lipliner in the past and wasn't really impressed. It was okay, but it didn't come in the shade of red that I was looking for. Beyond that, it didn't stay on my lips like I had hoped it would. It seemed to wear off throughout the day and color seemed to fade. It also seemed to wipe-off and/or smudge easier than other brands I had tried. Given that downside, I would say that this lipliner isn't necessarily worth the price. There are other lipliners that I have purchased for much cheaper at local drug stores that seem to hold their color a lot longer and come in the shade I want as well. The good part about this lipliner is that it glides on smoothly and it doesn't take a lot of it to stand-out on your lips. It does seem to last awhile, so at least you don't have to run out and buy a new one right after purchasing one, so that's a definite plus. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this to a friend.



Great lip liner.


I really love wearing lipstick, even though my husband hates it.  I am often asked how I keep my lipstick looking so neat and fresh.  I think the secret to great looking lipstick is a great lip liner.  Clinique lip liner is by far my favorite!  I have tried several other brands and I really feel this one looks the best.  It goes on smooth and does not clump.  I also like the fact that it twists up and does not require sharpening with a sharpener.  I really hate the lip liners that are wood and require sharpening.  I have come close to getting splinters before and when I use the sharpener I have had the lip liner break off.  Talk about frustrating and a waste of money.  I usually get the best results when using a clinique lipstick.  The sales people at clinique are always helpful and will give their insight into the best color lipsticks to match with the lip liners.  The only downside is that the liner is a bit on the expensive side.

Jacksonville, FL


Use it to make most all lipcolours wearable for me!


Clinique Quickliner for lips in Chocolate Chip is the best liner I've ever used.  Don't let the dark colour scare you away!  I have very fair skin, green eyes, and red hair and this has been my go-to liner for 10+ years.  I love the true brown colour (not orange, not red).  I put on a little lip balm, then line and fill my lips, then top with gloss (lipstick is good, too).  The colour is so perfect that I can wear almost any colour I want.  It helps match so many colours to my skintone.  Be sure to put on lip balm before you use it, so it doesn't come on too strong and blend well from the outside of the lip in to avoid the very unattractive "outlined" effect.  Your lips will appear fuller, while still looking soft and natural.

Durham, NC


Clinique Quickliner for Lips - All Shades

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