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Clearprotector.com - Extended Armor

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Doesn't fit right, terrible headche to use


Having used the ivisisble shield for my mp3 players, the **Extended Armor by **Clearprotector.com  seemed to share the same features**** (i.e. invisible full body coverage, scratch resistant, military grade material) for a better price. Unfortunately, it did not provide full coverage, almost my entire Blackberry 8900 was covered, but still had 2 bare spots. The the shield started riding up on the phone & then bunching up, casuing the sticky underside to attahce itself to random objects. When I wrote to them about the problems  they actually offered a full refund!! Now that is something I was not expecting, so they do have excellent customer care, too bad I'm unhappy w/ their product.

Thonotosassa, FL


Clearprotector.com - Extended Armor

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