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ClearMax Lightweight Pressurized Steam Cleaner and Sanitizer

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An excellent little steamer


I just purchased this handheld steamer after looking at several different units and reviews. This little unit cost a lot less than all the name brands out there. I found that it only takes about 175 ml of water but you can add slightly more. I let it get hot for 10 minutes rather than the 4 minutes the book said. I was thrilled with how well it worked an how light weight it actually is with water in it. It removed the hard water stains from around the faucet in my bathroom which I could not remove with conventional methods. Yes you still have to scrub a little but once you get your surfaces clean it is just a matter of maintaining it once a week. This unit also steams clothes, can help with cleaning the windows and other odd little jobs. They say you get what you pay for but not always do you have to go to extremes and empty your wallet. Having lymphedema in both arms and not being able to really put a lot of elbow grease into my cleaning the Clearmax helps take the pressure off of getting my house spotless.

Amsterdam, NY


ClearMax Lightweight Pressurized Steam Cleaner and Sanitizer

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