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Classic Pooh
Classic Pooh Hand and Foot Print Frame

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Cute for Pooh fans!


I received this frame set as a shower gift when I was expecting my first child.  Unfortunately, the nursery wasn't being decorated in Pooh decor so I was a little hesitant to use this item.  However, I decided it was really no big deal that the frame set wasn't going to match and I hung it anyway. The hardest part of using the frame set was trying to get a newborn baby to keep her hand open long enough to get a decent looking handprint!  Other than that, it was really simple to put together and hang. I even used the same frame set for my second child.  I removed my first child's prints and placed them in her baby book.  Then I took plain paper and did my second child's prints to hang.  Those prints will end up in a baby book, too and then I'll pass the frame set along to someone else that might be looking to decorate in Pooh theme. This was a nice gift to receive, otherwise I might never have thought to get prints from my little ones before they get so BIG!

Dover, PA


Adorable Winnie the Pooh frame to put your babies prints in!


I received this adorable **Winnie the Pooh Hand and Foot Print Frame** at my baby shower.  I didn't register for it, so unfortunately, I have no idea where you can buy one. This frame is so cute!  There are two frames connected by a ribbon and you put your babies hand prints in one frame and the foot prints in the other.  There is a cute Winnie the Pooh and friends all around the border of the frame.  The top frame says "My First Hand Print" and the bottom frame says "My First Foot Print".  The **Winnie the Pooh Hand and Foot Print Frame **comes with an ink pad and white paper to take your babies prints and place them in the frames.  They make it very easy for by having everything you need to do it yourself so you don't have to buy anything.  I thought this was the cutest gift.  I just love to see the little hands and feet from my baby when he was so tiny!  This would make an excellent gift for any mom-to-be!

Camp Lejeune, NC


Capture cute prints: Winnie the Pooh Hand and Foot Print Frame


When my first son was born we were inundated... I mean blesses with a lot of new stuff. Included in this new stuff was tons of memory keeping items. Scrapbooks, photo albums and brag books a plenty... but the one memorabilia item we received that was cuter than cute was the *Winnie the Pooh Hand and Foot Print Fame*. **Classic-ness** Designed in a classic Pooh motif, the Hand and Foot frame has nice soft colors which makes it fit nicely with pretty much any décor. We didn't really have a set theme in my son's room but we used a rich color of blue and at one point were going to have the Pooh characters throughout (he is now on to Transformers and Scooby Doo). The set comes with 2 small frames - one for the foot and one for the hand, and yes they are labeled - that are attached by a ribbon and hang by a ribbon. Due to the nature of ribbons, the frames do hang a little crooked. For me it's not a big deal, but if you are picky about frames being level than you could have a problem with this set. An ink pad is also included for capturing the cute little prints. **Feet First** So with the nature of newborns we started with Little Man's feet first as this was the easier of the two. The when we went to do the hands, well that's another story. See newborns like to keep their hands in a fist for the first few months. Even if you do end up opening them, as soon as the palm touches something, it will close again. So we waited a few months to get the hand print. Luckily we did it when we did or his hand would have been too big for the paper that was provided. You've only got a 2"x2" square to put the print on. As it was we had to turn the paper over and re-try the print since he smudged it the first time. Putting the prints in the frame is just like a picture frame. Once we are done with the cuteness of the hands and feet, I will retire the papers into my son's album. After that I'm sure that the frames will get some use in little brother's room as well. The Winnie the Pooh Hands and Feet Frame probably could be used as a picture frame as well, keeping in mind that it is labled "first hand prints" and "first feet prints." But for now, this is a cute method of capturing baby's cute hands and feet and decorating the nursery. Classic Pooh designs are by far my favorite so this has been a favored decoration for my son's room.

Lansing, MI


Classic Pooh Hand and Foot Print Frame

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