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Clairol 7th Stage Creme Lightener

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Gives you a great even lift!


This is the best hair lightener I have ever used. I have naturally dark brown hair. I used this along with the two activator packets, and a 30 volume developer. I only have to bleach my hair twice (not at the same time) and use a toner to get my hair to a nice even light blonde color. I never have any brassiness when I use this bleach. I also noticed that my hair doesn't get as dry or damaged when I used this. I have even gone platinum blonde with this lightener, and it never comes out looking bad. The only complaint I have is that the smell of this bleach is extremely strong, I always leave the door and window open when I'm using this. DISCLAIMER: even though I've had great results with this product I would always consult a professional if you've never bleached your hair before, as it can go terribly wrong really fast. If you know what you're doing this is a great bleach, If not leave it to the professionals. Effectiveness Lifts my naturally dark hair to a light banana peel color. Which is just what I need to tone it into a gorgeous light or platinum blonde. Ease of Application It's easy to use, just like any other bleach or hair dye. I like that this isn't a powder so you don't have to worry about bleach dust.

Stroudsburg, PA


The BEST bleach for dark hair


This is a great product for bleaching the darkest hair. I have naturally medium brown hair, I use this with 3 activators and 40 volume Clairoxide. In 90 minutes it comes out to perfect pale yellow so I can tone it to whitish blonde with Clairol Creme Toner. The only complaints I have is that is contains SO much ammonia, you have to use this in a well ventilated area. It is very damaging and burns my scalp but this is to be expected with a strong bleach.  (There is no such thing as a gentle bleach.) This product has been on the market since the 1950s and has been re-named dozens of times. I hope Clairol never discontinues this or messes with the formula, this is a great product in a market of sub par bleaches no good for hair deeper than dark blonde or light brown.

Hodgenville, KY


Clairol 7th Stage Creme Lightener

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