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Chanel Les Vernis Nail Colour - Black Ceramic #337

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Beautiful black color, but a bit pricey


I had received this product as a gift, and was excited about using it, due to hearing rave reviews about it. Also, I had heard that Chanel's black nail polish was the best kind of black compared with other brands. Therefore, I tried it out, and was immediately gratified with the color. It produced the most beautiful black color I had ever seen. However, only one coat was not suitable enough; if left with merely one coat, one could see various shades of black, for the nail would not be evenly coated. To solve this, I had to do one or even two more coats to create the perfect blackish hue I wanted in my nail color. Another thing I observed was that it took quite a while for my nails to dry. I was pleased with how long the color lasted, though. It would not chip that easily, and thus I would deem it good quality. I suppose that this product is a bit expensive for my expenses, and could substitute this with a more inexpensive brand that gives just as good results.

La Crescenta, CA


Chanel Les Vernis Nail Colour - Black Ceramic #337

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