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Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

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A good (though not perfect) product for a great price.


Overall, this machine does quite well for its purposes, and is one of the only good burr grinders for under two hundred dollars. As a final note, I would probably give this machine three stars if it wasn't for its good price. This grinder works well, but you may be disappointed if you're looking to use it for a French press, or if you're looking to be able to effectively clean it.


New York, NY


Great Grinder


This has suited my needs wonderfully. I love that you can choose how fine you want your coffee ground, and once you figure out how long it takes to grind the amount you want on that setting (that only took me a few tries) you get the perfect amount a freshly ground coffee every time. I mentioned to my husband a few months back that I did not own a coffee grinder, and this became my Christmas present. I will give it to my non-coffee drinking husband that he did his research and bought a great appliance. I use a Keurig coffee maker with reusable K-cups and I have found in order to get the results of the strong coffee I enjoy I have to use rather fine grind coffee, this has worked wonderfully for me. It is small and does not take up to much space on my counter, I just have it tucked in a corner near my Keruig and leave it there all the time. I turn the knob for the time I know gives me just the right amount of coffee when I am ready for a cup, then dump the grounds right from the little container into my basket.




Highly recommended


I'm very happy with this purchase made for our kitchen after our Krups grinder stopped working. We drink lots of coffee in our house and grind our own beans for the best flavor. Grinding beans can sometimes involve guesswork, but not with this machine! You get consistent results each time because you grind the beans by turning a dial that sets a timer. The beans are stored neatly in the top of the unit. We have the black plastic version so static electricity was a bit of a problem at first, but we discovered a trick. Make sure you touch the sides of the unit as you pull out the container holding the ground beans. Voila! Perfect coffee each time with little to no mess to clean up. Nicely designed. We keep it on the kitchen countertop it looks so good.




So what the heck is a conical burr?


I used to have a single blade grinder and I can really tell the difference between that one and this one -- the coffee smells and tastes better. It's easy to clean, and there are lots of choices of grinds, from very coarse to very fine. I'm very glad I bought this product. There is a choice of steel or black plastic--the black plastic is a little cheaper.


Rochester, NY


Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

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