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Canon PIXMA Office All-In-One Printer MX320

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Canon PIXMA MX320


The Canon PIXMA MX-320 is a multifunctional all in one color inkjet printer. It can print, scan, copy, and fax. Although not the greatest of print quality, it does the job well enough. The print job is clean and clear enough to read text. The colors are nice and vivid but the ink does tend to saturate the paper. I recommend using nice photo paper if you need heavy color print jobs. The scan and copy functions are simple to use but is on the slow side in terms of processing. It has an auto document feeder but it can't really hold a large stack of papers at once. Even at the highest scan resolution, certain complex pictures don't come out as clean as it should be. I have not used to fax so cannot comment on it. The unit itself is rather large and bulky. It is heavy too. Another thing this unit lacks is any kind of networking whether it be wired or wireless. It would have been nice to share this printer/scanner with the household.

San Diego, CA


All in one machine.


I have had this printer for about 5 months now. I bought it as a package that came with my HP Laptop, and I use this printer with another Dell Laptop as well. This Printer is kind of large, but it has a very nice design to it. It is a three in one, so its a printer, scanner and fax machine. It is very easy to set up and very easy to use wither you want to print from you computer, scan a page, upload a scanned copy of an image onto a computer, or send and receive faxes; this product does it all. I myself primarly use it for school projects and essays, but my father uses the fax, and he found that this machine is alot better than the one he is currently using which is a Brother. As far as printing goes, it's not the fastest, but it's acceptable. And the ink usage is decent, so the ink lasts a decent amount of time. If your buying ink cartridge's for this machine, their affordable, not the cheapest tho, but I would say worth it for the quality it gives. Overall, I recommend this product if your someone that doesnt print alot of papers and want to have the convenience of having a 3 in 1 printer machine.

Bloomington, CA


love my new all-in-one, love all the functions


great all-in-one for the price I paid, had problems getting the fax and my answering machine to work together but I called them directly and my porblem was quickly taken care of, I would recommend this machine to anyone wanting a great all-in-one...

Saint Louis, MO


The true All-in-One for everything!


The Canon Pixma 320 All-in-one printer/scanner/fax/copier has arrived at our household and all I can say is WOW!  This all in one can certainly do it all! I originally purchased this printer for the scanning feature.  It has a built in automatic document feeder (ADF) that can handle up to thirty documents at once!  This is more than any other automatic document feeder scanner has ever had before.  I load up thirty documents, press scan and they each are scanned directly on my Mac.  This feature alone has helped us condense one four drawer filing cabinet into computer files! Now onto the printer feature.  With just having a baby in June, we wanted a good and fast printer so we could print out all our pictures for a resonable price.  The average print time for a four by six photo printed borderless was under 15 seconds, and the prints are EXCELLENT!  We were throughly surprised at the photo quality.  I will be purchasing Canon's from now on!

Pottstown, PA


This Canon printer is great for the money,


This printer offers ease of set up and use.  The clarity of printing is a lot highr than you would expect from a printer available at this price. It's a little noisy and might surprise you when it resets for the next printing job, but the noise is tolerable due to the price of the printer. My husband used it immediately to print resumes and it did an excellent job.  We have since used it for copying and faxing.  We haven't tried scanning yet, but we think it will more than handle it due to the reponse we received when we used the other features.  I have used it print coupons and the clarity is such that I have had absolutely no problem with the bar code reader at the store when redeeming them. I would highly recommend this printer for the person who wants quality but is on a tight budget and these days, everyone but the government is on a tight budget.  You can't beat this all in one printer that scans, copies, faxes, and prints for the price.  What a great deal.  I highly recommend it.

Columbia, SC


The Cannon Pixma MX320 is so easy I never had to read the manual


I recently purchased a cannon pixma mx320 from the cannon online store. They were great i recived my printer in three days and it took almost no time to set it up. I have used almost every function it has in the little time I have had it but I cant think of one discourageing thing to say about it. Im one of those people who hate to read an instruction manual and so far i havent had to. The print quality is equal to or better than that of much higher priced printers. I would suggest the Cannon Pixma MX320 to any individual or small business. I am self employed and use the printer as both a stand alone printer, fax, and copier. 

Portis, KS


Canon Pixma MX320 makes my job easier!


Truthfully, I did not set out that day to buy this. I was just going after a cartridge for my Brand X printer. The price of their cartridges had sky-rocketed and the machine did not really meet my needs anymore. I was browsing and saw the Pixma MX320 on sale. It came with the ink cartridge and did so much more than my old printer/scanner and for a really decent price. Unlike many scanners, this one can scan on a flatbed or by using a document feeder. I can scan papers to my laptop but I can also scan things like old pictures without the fear of damaging them. Scanned documents can be converted immediately to .pdf files. This has been a great convenience for me at work. There are many different printing options. I like that I can duplex print with little effort, thus saving me lots of paper. The only thing that I have had trouble with is faxing. The directions are not very clear. I often get error messages indicating the fax did not go through when it really did. However, all in all, I would not trade it for anything!

Jefferson, IA


Canon PIXMA Office All-In-One Printer MX320

4.3 7