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Cable One Cable TV

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I would recomend this company to a friend.


I have been a customer with this company for many years and feel they are very reliable. They provide fast speed internet and have a stable connection for my needs. They offer many packages that would best suit anyone looking for high speed internet and quality tv programs.


Twin Falls, Idaho


If I were you, I would stay FAR away


We moved into a new development about a year ago and Cableone was the only option for cable and internet. They boasted the newest technology and highest internet speeds. Each night around 7PM, our internet slows down so dramatically that we are unable to stream any television apps. You can also forget about trying to play any online games, because the internet buffers constantly. customer service was not much help and told us this was the best we were going to get in this area. Basically, too bad! Luckily, there is now different options in the area and comparatively, they are MUCH better! I would not recommend Cableone at all.


Odessa, TX




I had Cable One for the first time in 2012 and I had wonderful service that time. But I moved and Cable One didn't reach my new house so I cut it off. Well in 2014 I moved back into their service area and decided to go with them because the first time I had such a good experience with them. I made a big mistake using them the second time. When I called I asked if there were any data caps and they told me no, which is great right...not when you figure out it drops speed after so many gigabytes. So I signed up for 10mbps, I never thought to ask if the speed drops after so many gigabytes, I was happy she said no data caps. This is the first internet company I ever used that drops speed after so many gigabytes, typically cell phone companies do that. Well I didn't get tv or any other service because the television packages are way too overpriced and you barely get anything decent to watch. I just went with internet because I can always use Netflix etc. So after 10 gigabytes my internet speed would be slower than dail up. And it was a constant battle to be able to do anything. WIthin a week 10 gigabytes were gone. That is only streaming one tv. I have no idea how cable one measures their stuff but It takes awhile for me to use 10 gigabytes with my current internet company. I tried increasing the data cap on high speed internet but it was just way too expensive. And then my modem would stop working from time to time, which is another thing I called about yet it never got replaced. If I unplugged it and plugged it back in it'd work again, but who constantly wants to have to do that every time. Then my devices wouldn't stay connected to their equipment, I called several times with that issue. Yet again nothing was done about it. I got so tired of the constant problems that I cancelled it and gave them back their equipment. It's a really bad company now. I was so disappointed that the company went from being really good to really bad. I hope they get it together.




Good service if it's in your area


I signed up for Cable One many years ago when I was living in Des Moines and I didn't have a single problem with the service. They didn't offer any type of special introduction price, but their packages were reasonably priced. I also appreciated that they advised me of all the additional fees and charges that would occur each month because they weren't listed on the website. What made me essentially decide to go with Cable One is that I didn't have to commit to a 1 or 2 year contract. I could cancel anytime I wanted so if I needed to leave for a job out of state I wouldn't have to worry about early termination fees. They arrived to my house for installation on time and installed the equipment in a timely manner. The picture and sound quality was top notch and I only loss signal once during my entire time with Cable One. The only issue I had with them is that some networks weren't available due to contractual issues between Cable One and those individual companies. The main networks that I enjoyed watching that weren't available were the BBC America and IFC. I still continued to enjoy my service. Sadly I had to cancel my service due to them not being a provider in my new area.


Westchester, IL


Just horrible.


I STRONGLY dislike Cable One. I could sit here and rant for an hour about the reasons I dislike them. Their cable constantly goes out, as does their internet. They are so extremely over priced and take advantage of the fact that they are the only company available in some areas, like my town I live in. Their customer service is not pleasant to deal with, not only on the phone but in person as well. Do NOT use Cable One, they are miserable to deal with. I had a bundle cable and internet deal through Cable One. The cable would randomly just go out, even when it wasn't storming or anything like that. If you called they would just tell you it would be back on in a while. Their internet would stop suddenly and it was slow in the first place. You didn't get much data at all and if you went over, that was BAD news. I paid about double what I should have for terrible cable and internet. That was all I could get here at the time though. It takes forever to get through to their customer service. When you do get through it's not the most pleasant experience. You receive very short snappy answers and my problems usually weren't resolved. You have the option to physically go to the place here and pay your bill. The customer service people in the place here are NOT pleasant. They may have just hired not such great customer service representatives locally but I simply refused to go in there anymore. Once I had the option I ditched their cable and internet QUICK. Do NOT use this company. Their cable and internet service is horrible, it's over priced, and their customer service is awful.




Stay away


I had cable one on two occasions for a total of about three and one half years time. Must say I was rarer disappointed in the product they offer. I did not have the freedom to choose a different cable provider as the apartment complex mandated that you use cable one. I had had other providers in the past and felt like I reciever a much better value from those other companies. My biggest complaint was the hd package. Cable one charge a nice premium for this service and in my opinion they had a rather lackluster lineup. Most of the channels you payed extra to get hi definition were channels you got hd anyways as this was the only format they broadcast in. All in all they didn't have anything I really cared to watch in this package. I would switch back and forth to the regular channel and hd channel and could not tell a difference in the two but maybe this is just me. The other problem I had was customer service which I rarely had to call but thought there was considerable room for improvement. When I did call i had to sit on hold for a considerable amount of time and then in the case that I needed someone to come out and fix an issue I had to wait a week for them to come out. You would think that since you aren't getting the service you are paying for you would get pro rated in the mean time. You would be wrong on that they were sticklers about billing me for the entire service. This was awhile ago so they may have cleaned up their act since then however the experience left me with a bitter taste and I am unlikely to give them another chance anytime soon. In my opinion grande and twc have much better service.




Cable One Cable TV isn't reliable


Back when my husband and I lived in our first house, we had Cable One. It was in fact, the only cable provider for that area. Seems it always goes that way. Cable One Television is much like any other cable provider. What we did really like about Cable One Television is that we weren't contracted in for anything. I hate service contracts, so signing up for Cable One Cable TV was easy for us because of that reason. We had our Cable One TV bundled with our internet and telephone, so the pricing wasn't too bad. However, Cable One's major downfall for us was signal. Our cable went out far too often and it became increasingly frustrating. We had several service men out to our home, cable would be fixed for the day and go out the next. Sometimes, the cable would be great all month and would suddenly go out. It just varied. I remember calling again and the customer service representative told us that it was probably because our house was a brick house. I was fed up. Cancelling wasn't too hard, I just had to return the equipment at the local Cable One building. Their website isn't difficult to use, but not really user friendly either. Over all, if you are in a good cover area and plan on bundling, this might be the option for you. Otherwise, look into other options.


Nampa, ID


Cable One Cable TV

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