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Brother Printer MFC295CN

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This printer scanner does the job.


I have had this printer for a year or two now. No issues. It prints, scans, copies, and faxes. It is fairly easy to use once you get used to it. And it has worked for every computer I have plugged it into. The only issue is my scanning quality has gone down since I got it. And I have re-done the settings. So I know it is an issue with the scanner.



The Brother All-In-One has been a steady work horse of a printer


I've owned this Brother All-In-One for a number of years now with no problems. Performance It had performed with no major problems over the years. Copy Quality The copies produced by this printer are very high quality. Ink/Paper Use I am pleased that with this printer you only have to change the ink that is depleted. This printer/copier/fax has 4 different color units. Ease of Use It is simple to use [even for a beginner]. Durability After the use I put it through over the years, it is stil going strong. Design It is a little too large for my taste, but I have found a place for it and it has remained steady.

East Brunswick, NJ


The Brother MFC-295CN is a good printer


When our older printer finally puttered out, I was at a loss on what to buy.  We had used that old printer for about six years, which made it a dinosaur in printer years.  To add to the questions, we bought a new iMac at the same time and we wanted to make sure the printer was compatible.  So I did my best research, which basically consists of calling all my friends and asking them how they felt about their current printers.  I narrowed it down to one friend who absolutely loves her printer.  I was a little apprehensive because her husband is a bit of a techie, and I didn't want anything too complicated, but I took a leap of faith.  When I got my Brother Printer in the mail, I was surprised at how heavy the box was.  And, despite my fears, it was completely easy to set up.  All the documents I've printed come out wonderfully.  It has a photo print feature I've been told doesn't work too great, but I don't use it for that anyway.

Syracuse, UT


Brother MFC295cn 4 in 1 Printer, Copier, Fax, Scan


I've had this printer for about 5 months now. The biggest down side to this model is the ink cartridges. If one cartridge is empty like blue or yellow, it will NOT continue to print just black or any other colors like my other printers do. It just shuts down all printing functions until you replace that cartridge, you are just dead in the water if you run out of any color ink. Most printers will continue to print using the remaining colors, not the case here. Tech support confirmed this also. The print quality on this printer is average to above average on photos. The scan quality is grainy and streaky and not recommended for photos at ALL, and does not produce true colors of the item being scanned. Its good for documents though. The fax and fax from screen works great. The network connection is a plus if you are sharing it on a home network as I am. But I would not purchase another printer that requires that all inks be full in order to print anything. I do not recommend this printer unless you plan on always having extra ink in stock

Oscoda, MI


Nice inexpensive printer


In the past history I have used different type of printers. and have paid alot of money on expensive printer that was suppose to be top of the grade printer but to me that seems to much of not being real the more i spend on a printer the more problem i encounter and the more difficult it is to operate This brother printer i just purchase from staple in maryland was very inexpensive i bought it for 59.95 it has everything equipped to it fax machine, printer, scanner and also photo capture it was not really hard to equipped it together it also has all the usb compartment easy to find when you need it you dont even need a long usb card also has a compartment to keep extra paper. I would purchase this brother printer and brother system anytime i would also refer friends specially at a great price brothers system has always been dependable but I always find my self purchase other products thru other company but I perfer brother system equipment

Baltimore, MD


Brother Printer MFC295CN

4.2 5