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Brother Multifunction Printer

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Brother printer, scanner, copier, and fax


When my cheap Dell printer stopped working, I bought this Brother printer which does so much more. I'm glad I did, because it has held up great over the past couple years. I love that it can also scan and make copies, but I've had no need for the fax function or the networking capabilities that it also has. I like the color LCD screen, as well as the different paper bypass trays. One great feature is that you can put a compact flash drive or micro SD card right into the machine and print photos right from there. What I don't like about this printer is that the replacement cartridges are so expensive and seem to run out relatively quickly. I've found it's more economical just to refill them at an ink place. Also, I don't like that you can't just print in black and white if one of the color cartiridges runs out. It just keeps beeping and prompting you to replace the cartridge, but if you really need to print something right then, it won't allow you to.


Pleasant Grove, UT


The Brother MFC-465 is decent but the software is awful


The Brother MFC-465CN is a mid-tier mutlifunction scan / print / copy machine controlled by truly terrible software.  The features themselves function as advertised and I have not had any physical issues with the machine. The software, however, has caused all sorts of problems on my computer, particularly around causing conflicts with internet connectivity. The problems were severe enough where I had to remove all of the software except the basic printer drivers in order to reliable connect to the internet. Pros: - The wireless printing feature is nice if you have a few computers scattered throughout the house - Print quality is respectable - Prints quickly and is otherwise pretty quiet Cons: - The software is unintuitive, unattractive and caused several system conflicts on my Windows XP machine - Ink usage seems higher than it should be... Overall, there are better options for a multifunction machine. Consider the MFC-465CN only if you get a great price, and even then, just install the drivers and not the other software!


Sparta, NJ


My favorite printer


I've had the Brother MFC-465CN for over 2 years now and it still works great!  It is a printer, scanner, copier, fax all in one machine.  My model doesn't have the handset for the fax (my mom has the one with the handset)  I didn't want/need the handset though, I don't use this as a phone.  It makes great copies, scans like a pro and uses the printer ink efficiently.  I have never had any issues with jams-ever.  I can print on photo paper and it looks good, not excellent-but it's not a photo printer.  The ink is expensive, but not more expensive than ink for other printers.  I only have to change the ink about once a year, maybe twice and I do a fair amount of printing.  Other printers I've had in the past had problems with ink running, jams, or just not working at all.  I have never had an issue with this one.  I love this printer and I reccommend Brother to everyone I know.  I wish we had this in our office.


Banning, CA


Easy to use All-in-One Printer!!


This Brother All-in-One Printer is easy to use. It's a printer, copier,fax and scanner. It uses 4 Brother LC-51 Series ink cartridges.  They last a very long time, better then any I had before.  Photo printing is very clear on photo paper, best that I have used. Will print from different memory cards and USB Flash memory card. Document printing is true color or black/white. The Fax feature is easy to use, there is a paper feed feature.  You can bridge a digital camera to the printer. The Brother printer has a screen that can be tilted for easy viewing.  Holds lots of paper.  Will print enevelopes, index cards, address labels, even cd labels.  Ink dries very fast, except on a photo, takes a little longer than on paper.Making copies is a breeze and scanning is easy.  Comes with software and instruction manual. The computer program will let you see how much ink is left.  The Printer cleans itself every once in a while.  It will also shut down when out of ink to prevent damage to the unit.  I have had many printers and this is the Best one yet.  Would highly recommend to friends and family.


Dunnellon, FL


Poor color quality and it jams all the time.


This is a cheep MFC.  And you get what you pay for.  My machine jams up all the time.  A few days ago it broke a small little piece inside.  I do like that it uses four different inks -  that is nice, but the color is muted and I have cursed at it one to many times.


La Verkin, UT


It prints, copies, faxes AND scans.


I purchased the **Brother Multifunction MFC-465CN Printer **because it offered everything I was looking for at a reasonable price.  It also got good customer reviews from several retailer's websites.  My HP printer was a piece of junk, so I was determined to try a different brand and thus, chose Brother. This all-in-one printer is very convenient since I own my own business.  I can do all the things at home that I used to go to Staples to do in their office center.  I frequently use the printer, copier and scanner, but have never used the fax.   I find the control panel to be kind of confusing for more high-tech needs.  It is easy to print and copy regular things - you just press the "copy" or "print" button, but if you want your items copied a specific way, the control panel is not very user-friendly.  I have given up on trying to figure it out.  The pages print quickly and the ink does not smear, so that is nice, but the ink cartridges are more difficult to insert than in my old HP printer. I am glad I have my **Brother Multifunction MFC-465N Printer **because it makes working from home very easy.  I have everything I need at my fingertips.  If it weren't for the confusing control panel, I would have given this product 5 stars.


Camp Lejeune, NC


Brother MFC-465CN costs way too much


I wanted the Brother MFC-465CN to cover some modest needs. While it was inexpensive to buy, that is where the savings end. The setup was easy, whether for local use or networked except that the documentation was sparse. This made it hard to find where to connect the USB cable. Fortunately, there are videos online (locate through search engines). The print is ok, not fabulous. While legible, it lacks crispness and intensity. Speed did perform within expectations. Brother ink is expensive. There are some generics (refill shops) out there, but it tends to leak. I got about 1/2 ream per cartridge which is ludicrous. Page speed was good, though. All told, cost of ownership makes this printer too expensive.


Denver, CO


we all wanted to go "office space" on this thing


Bought this to make everyone happy! It could fax, copy & scan! After two weeks it would pirnt nice copies but fax feed broke! We only used the fax function perhaps a dozen times before it gave up. It also seemed very expensive from a cost per page with color. WE found ourselves replacing a different color ink cartridge very often.


Prior Lake, MN


doesn't scan with Apple iMac-black isn't black


First, the black ink comes out as dark gray at best, even when printing in the best mode. And print time is not fast. The most irritating thing, though, is that the scanner will not work with my new iMac. I specifically checked for Mac compatibility before buying this printer, but I guess it is only compatible through Tiger. It does not work with Leopard. It prints, but I can not get the scanner to work. I haven't tried the fax yet.


New Bloomfield, PA


Brother Multifunction Printer

3.1 9