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Brother Compact Digital Color with Wireless Networking Laser Printer

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Perfect for moderate-scale personal use


I'm pretty much resolved to the fact that there is no point in trying to get a laser printer "repaired" due to the prohibitive cost of service and toner cartriges. If something goes wrong with your laser jet, just bite the bullet and get a new one... at least you'll have a printer that works and a good amount of new toner! So, in looking for a replacement for our high-capacity Dell laser jet (which only lasted about 2 years), I narrowed our choices down to this Brother HL-3070CW and a similar HP model. HP may have the brand recognition, but this Brother had it beat on all points of comparison (resolution, capacity, features, and cost). I had a great experience back in the 90s with a Brother b&w laser jet, so I decided to give this one a try. It is exceptional!! The print quality is better than the Dell we had before, and although it takes a bit longer to spit out multiples, it is more than sufficient for our household needs, including a monthly church newsletter we send out from here. My only complaint (which I had read about in some other reviews of this unit) is that the manual feed mechanism is very touchy, and if you don't have exactly the "right" touch, it will read a "paper jam" when you are trying to feed checks or special papers through. (There is no real jam involved, but you have to open the cover to reset the printer each time it happens.) So, if you have a lot of special print jobs (i.e., checks, special papers, special sizes), this could be a real nuisance, but for standard everyday printing on regular paper (even bigger jobs), this printer is top-notch, costs significantly less, and costs as much as 30% less to replace the toner cartriges.

Knoxville, TN


Brother Compact Digital Color with Wireless Networking Laser Printer

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