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Brother All in One InkJet Printer

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nothing but trouble


while ink refills are easily available ti never found anyplace to get them refilled or recycled i was happy with copy , scan  and print quality until the jam proplem started at which point i was afraid to print anything  more then one page at a time because a jam would require starting over and everything else is lost worked fine for a while and then once warrenty was done started having regular paper jams tech help was no help    authorized local repair people get 35 to look at it then any parts plus time and it you are better off getting a new one  so i went to hp

San Diego, CA


Cheap but the inks are not


***I bought this printer in 2006 & I noticed that it's an ink guzzler especially when you do a lot of printing.  When you buy a generic type of ink replacements, they seem to last longer, but when you buy the brother trademark type of inks, they don't last long.  Now this printer is acting up on me, the magenta ink won't print at all & I kept cleaning the heads & it just quit totally.  I'm leaning towards buying another one of the same features if the tech support can't help me fix this problem at all.  I tell you, my concept of Brother printers are not positive.  I also notice that the ink cartridges leak inside at the bottom where you put each one of them.***

Helena, AL


Brother All in One InkJet Printer

2.5 2