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Brother All-In-One Laser Printer

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Good printer for all.


As a student this printer has been very good for me. The quality is good, and it's fast, which is always a plus. I do have to set it to clean the ink once in a while or else it'll just spit out blank pages, but it's not a lot of trouble and should be done occasionally anyways. Other than that, it's perfect.



Wouldn't buy any other Brand because of this!


I have been using my 7440N for several years now and I use the heck out of it! It runs like a top and prints beautifully. I own a small business and loved it so much that I ordered them for all of my employees. No one has had a single complaint. Brother support is amazingly helpful too. I changed my WLAN and they walked me through all of the new settings very quickly. I now buy ONLY Brother MFC's for my business, my church, and my family. I think I am up to 6 already.

Manhattan, IL


With the MFC-7440N, it's effectiveness all in one setting.


Back in the days before personal computers, or rather where one could not afford a personal computer, I relied on Brother's products in order to churn out paperwork for school. Little did I know that Brother made things other than typewriters. I'm proud to own a Brothers Multi-Function Copier. Even though I've been using this for less than a year, I've been putting this machine thru so much work that the fact it hasn't broken down is a testament to the quality of product that Brother is known for. This MFC has a scanner, fax machine, copier, and printer all in one handy package. I purchased mine as a refurbished model, which makes me all the more willing to put it through the wringer. I originally wanted to use it mainly as a fax machine, but slowly getting used to the scanner functions (upgraded to this from a Canon LIDE30) as well as everything else. Performance The ADF pulls paper pretty quickly, and the copy option is as well. Copy Quality Depending on the contrast level, even at "draft" it was still readable. Ink/Paper Use If you're not into heavy printing, the toner will last a long while. Ease of Use While it's really easy to use, the bad thing is that it has no internal memory. If you have it unplugged, it loses the date/time information. Durability It's very sturdy, and being in a small space in my room it's always subjected to being banged into by chairs. No dents so far! Design As your MFCs go, it's pretty standard in design.

Queens, NY


this brother printer is a great deal


We've owned the Brother MFC-7440N All-in-one laser printer for almost a year now.. We bought it on a bit of a whim when our previous dinky little printer kicked the bucket.  I happen to know that alot of printers out there on the market today only come with "sample" ink cartridges that you're lucky if they last a month or so.. Well after nearly daily use for almost a year, this printer has just for the first time started blinking that it's almost out of all 3 colors of toner.. that's a TON of pages printed in both black and white and color over the last year without ever needing to replace the toner cartridges!  Another plus to this all in one model is how incredibly quick it's able to print a page, especially if I'm just printing something in black and white, it's mere seconds.  I also love the simplicity of the design, it took me very little time to figure out how to probably use all of the functions.  The copy function has come in handy so many times.  I highly recommend this all in one machine.

Forest Grove, OR


The perfect machine to do it all.


The Brother Professional Series Multi Function Center is the perfect machine for those who don't have a ton of space or those who just need one machine that will do it all! This machine prints, faxes, scans, and makes excellent copies all at the touch of a button. I was impressed with the compact size of this machine. For all of the functions this machine has, it should be much larger. The entire system sits on top of my single column file cabinet. It looks nice and doesn't take up half of my office like other machines of this caliber. I found the machine very easy to install and set up, and I was making copies and sending faxes in no time. If I had to come up with one complaint about this machine, it would be that if one ink cartridge runs out, the entire machine stops functioning. I would prefer the option to continue in black and white only, as I don't use colorful ink very often. But overall, I think this machine is a good value and a huge space saver.

Springfield, OR


Brother All-In-One Laser Printer

4.8 5