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Breville the Smart Waffle Maker Slice

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The Breville Smart Waffle Maker is built like a tank


For the last 15 years I have made Belgian waffles nearly every weekend for my kids. I really like our current Waring waffle maker but after hundreds of uses it is getting a little long in the tooth. It has some burned in grease and is sticking a little and the non stick surface has long since burned off. So I jumped at the chance to try the Breville out. Here are the things I noticed right away. It is beautiful and built like a tank. Extremely solid. Feels like you are using the Mercedes of waffle makers. It heats up quickly and made every waffle nearly perfectly. And because the non stick material is so nice, it cleans up perfectly. My only real negative comment is that it is hard to use on our kitchen counter where the storage cabinets are because the top of the waffle maker hits the cabinet and our counters are not deep enough to pull it out far enough to stop the bumping. So I turned it sideways and that did the trick. But if you have the counter space and appreciate a well built piece of machinery that is easy to clean, this Breville waffle maker is for you. Performance Worked like a champ. Settings/Features Pretty cool how they allow you to choose different waffle types and different degrees of doneness. Ease of Cleaning The premium non stick makes it an absolute breeze to clean. Ease of Use Very very easy to use. Plug it in, set the kind of waffle and darkness and you are off and running Durability Built like a tank. Seriously.

Chicago, IL


Breville the Smart Waffle Maker Slice

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