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Boresha Skinny Coffee

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Someone I know sells Boresha products and is constantly claiming on FB that all you do is drink and shrink. The coffee and tea are very expensive so I hesitated purchasing Boresha products. She offered a sale a month ago, buy a supply of tea and get a supply free, so I figured I would give it a try. I am drinking the tea as recommended, twice a day 30 min. before meals. Well, after a month I have not lost one pound or one inch. She then said I need to do a low glycemic diet (which I guess is low carb). I tried that the past two weeks, plus upping my exercise. Still no weight or inches lost. However, two people I know who started the tea when I did have lost weight and inches! One made a drastic change to her diet, and one made no change to her diet. I guess it works for some people but not for me. Really disappointed and very discouraged.



I just started on Boresha Skinny Coffee, here's hoping it works


I've been bombarded with people telling me about this Boresha Skinny Coffee so I went to a couple of meetings and talked to many people with great results.  I have high blood pressure and need to lose quite alot of weight. My doc. says that's the only thing thats making my blood presure go so high.  To make a long story short, I became a distributer of Boresha Skinny Coffee last night.  Now I'm told I can use this product with no problems with my blood pressure so I'm going to give a try .  Will post another review after my 10 day trial. Wish me luck !

Port Saint Lucie, FL


Buffered caffeine =speed


I'm a health nut that spent a lot of time reading the science behind buffered cafeine and was excited by the concept. But what look great on paper is B.S. in reality. Far as my personal experience, drinking a single serving of boresha coffee was the eqizalince of drinking 3 red bulls. If you want a hard, hard, buzz all day long then this is the greatest bang for you buck. However if you want to just say no to drugs stick with the decaf.    

Johnson City, TN


Boresha Skinny Coffee

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