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Body by Jake
Body by Jake Classic Bike

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ab scissor system


The ab scissor is a system that does work if you want to loose weight. I think that this system is a little over price for the way this system is built. If you want to loose weight you would have to do more that what they recomend you to do on a daily bases. The amount of exercise they tell you to do will not make you loose weight. If you want to loose weight with this system you would have to watch you eat and work out at least 5 days a week. If you gradually work up to about an hour a day in warm weather you could loose at least 10 lbs a month. The bad thing about this system is that there is no bearings between the joints. So the metal frame will eventually wear out breaking this system and leaving a lot of metal grindings on the floor.

Rowland Heights, CA


Body by Jake Classic Bike

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