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Bodum Schiuma Battery-Operated Turbo Milk Frother

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Surprisingly effective little gadget


Not being a coffee fanatic, I never thought I would own such a single use gadget. My kitchen tools are multi-functioning as I have very little space to store things that won't be used. I was given this as a gift by my mother who finds all gadgety things cool. It sat in a drawer for over a year, until a house guest asked if I could make her a latte. I usually froth milk in a saucepan over low heat with a whisk, but the whisk was being used for whipping cream. I grabbed this with little hope, and to my surprise it made beautifully frothed lowfat milk in about 30 seconds. Since then I've used it for coffee lattes, chai lattes, cappuccinos, and even a tiny batch of whipped cream. It eats batteries, which is why it get a 4, but they are easy to replace. For a little gadget that is pretty much a singularly tasked piece of equipment, it does it pretty well, certainly well enough to have earned a coveted space in my drawer.


Maryville, TN


Barista at Home!


I LOVE the **Bodum Schiuma Battery-Operated Turbo Milk Frother!!** I am a budget-concious, health concious frugalista who enjoys the finer things in life. When my sister introduced me to Tea Lattes I was hooked. But I live in a rural area and I hate spending lots of money on truly inexpensive drinks. I decided to purchase a milk-frother and through various reviews chose the Bodum Schiuma Turbo Milk Frother. It is super easy to use and small enough to store away. The instructions are very short - they don't include "how to change the battery" - but all you need to do is pop of the end where the on/off switch is and insert a battery. 20-30 seconds of frothing the milk is all it takes! Cold, lowfat milk works best! I have been enjoying inexpensive lattes every night! My husband even used it to make himself a cappucino and loved it! I would recommend this milk frother as it delivers what it promises and you can buy it at a low cost!


Decker, MI


Bodum Schiuma Milk Frother is easy to use


The Bodum Schiuma Battery-Operated Turbo Milk Frother was the first mil frother I ever used and it was super easy to use, really easy to clean, and was something I used on a daily basis. I write "used on a daily basis" because through no fault from the company my Bodum Schiuma Battery-Operated Turbo Milk Frother broke in a tragic drawer closing accident (my special someone put the frother away in a drawer without actually making it go into the drawer then slammed the drawer closed on the whip part breaking it away from the base). This is not your typical malfunction. Otherwise I found the Bodum Schiuma Battery-Operated Turbo Milk Frother easy to use and it quickly whipped (frothed) a variety of dairy and non-dairy products. I tend to use a lot of non-dairy milks (everything from soy milk and rice milk to a variety of nut and seed milks: almond, cashew and hemp). This frother makes quick work of the soy, nut and seed milks. I have found that rice milk is a little more difficult to froth since it is really watery but that doesn't bother me. I love my Bodum Schiuma Battery-Operated Turbo Milk Frother and haven't found any problems with it and didn't have any problems changing out the battery.


Priest River, ID


Bodum Schiuma Battery-Operated Turbo Milk Frother

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