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Prepaid Debit Card
Bluebird Debit Card by American Express

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Great Prepaid Card


To address the other reviewers comments about overdrafts: its a prepaid card. It does not allow for overdrafts. It will not let you spend more than you actually have available in your account. So if you set up recurring monthly payments you need to make sure that the card has the money on it. Otherwise, the payment will be denied. This card is a GREAT option for those of us who don't want or can't have a regular bank account for whatever reason. I personally love this card more than any other prepaid I've had. Simple, easy to set up and add money, and best of all, its free! No other prepaid card I've come across is free. No monthly fees. No minimum deposits required. No monthly balance required. Perfect! This prepaid card also lets you use checks! Perfect for those who want to pay rent or mortgage without a money order. But they aren't regular checks. Before you write the check you need to go to your account and get an authorization number for it. It asks you the company being paid, the amount, etc and then will give you an authorization number you need to put on the designated area on the check. Then simply give it (or mail it) to whoever you're needing to pay. Its pretty great. And the checks are free! You also can have sub accounts for kids allowances (*but they must be 13+). You can reload this card at any register at Walmart. You can also use it with Walmart Savings Catcher. Until Feb 2015 you'll actually get DOUBLE back! Those "Walmart Bucks" can be cashed out and used at Walmart. Simply use your card, and the money available in the Walmart Bucks will be deducted before its taken from your balance. Note: if you only have Walmart bucks but don't have any other funds on the card, just tell the cashier that you need to do a split pay. Pay $X amount first on the bluebird card, then the rest in cash or on another card. I love this card, and use it quite frequently.


Mesa, AZ


Consistent, backup prepaid card


One of my favorite activities is couponing and and getting deals, and I saw that a lot of the boards that I follow started recommending Bluebird by American Express as a good prepaid card. I normally get prepaid cards through contests and rebates, so the idea of having one to count on all the time appealed to me. When I signed up, I was able to do so for free at Bluebird.com, but you can also use the mobile app for Android and iPhone, or go to physical Walmart locations to purchase the card and fill and use it. By linking the card to your bank account there are other features available, like sub-divided accounts for families, online bill-bay and checking. I only use the card for one time payments, because I personally am not able to follow the overdraft policy. I am not personally able to find enough information on the overdraft policy through the website itself, and when I called the toll-free number, although the representative was very nice, I was unable to gather a stable and defined overdraft policy that I would be able to replicate and apply to my own purchasing behavior. So because of my misapprehensions, I personally don't use the card for recurring payments, however, I do highly recommend it for ease of use and convenience for single payments.




Bluebird Debit Card by American Express

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