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Prepaid Debit Card
Green Dot Debit Card

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Green Dot: Easy To Reload But Tons of Fees


There's no shortage of prepaid debit cards on the market and almost all of them have some type of transaction fee, monthly maintenance or account fee, transfer fee or a fee to speak to a customer service representative. One of the biggest perks to the Green Dot card is that you can reload them almost anywhere, if you have change sitting in a jar you can take it to a Coin Star machine and have the amount added to your card. They waive the coin counting fee but there is a fee for loading it. Any way you look at it, you are going to be paying a fee when you have this card but you can never spend more than what is on the card so a $3.00 fee is a lot less than and overdraft fee from a bank. The monthly fee to have the card is $5.95 unless you load a thousand dollars in a one month time span or have 30 purchases. To load the card you need to use cash and buy a Money Pack. The fees range from $2.50 to $4.95 to load depending on the amount that you purchase and where you are buying it from. To get the card in a store you are looking at a $5.95 fee but if you apply for it online they waive that. If you apply for it online they are going to ask you for personal information and your card will arrive in about seven business days. Like most prepaid cards you won't be able to use this to set up prearranged bill payments; you can use it to pay bills but you can't have it set up to prepay for services each month. You do get a choice between a MasterCard or Visa and they have a network of automatic teller machines that you can use to withdrawal cash without incurring any fees from them. You can access your balance online and see your purchases and any fees that were charged and if you want to get this card for a child to use, setting up the parental control features takes about two minutes. They are forward with most of their fees but there are some that won't post for a few days; if you use an automatic teller machine to make a cash withdrawal and the bank charges you a fee in addition to an out of network fee from Green Dot, the bank fee might not post for a few days.



Green Dot Debit Card

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