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Blue Spring
Blue Spring Super Blue Stuff OTC Roll-On Pain Relief Cream

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Unbelievable relief and results for arthritis and joint problems


I bought this Glucosamine Cream 6 1/2 years ago. I have a moderate level of arthritis pain and swelling. I also had a torn rotator cuff that Dr's tried to operate on. I am not a believer in that, as most people still have limited mobility and pain that never improves and they(the Dr's) call that completely healed. Instead I tried dozens of remedies and natural products. Then I bought this Glucosamine Cream. I applied it 1x a day. Within a month my arthritis pain was nearly gone and my shoulder was less pain and swelling. I continued this regimen for 4 month's and WOW what a difference.   Prior to using it I could move my right arm 6-8 inches from my side without crying like a baby(men DO cry). I treated the shoulder regularly and in 4 month's I had full mobility and within 5 month's the pain from both the shoulder and arthritis in my hands and forearms was totally gone. It's been 6 years now that I have enjoyed full and total movement of my damaged shoulder and no real level of pain unless I do something stupid. Like way over doing it, Still using the Glucosamine Cream today and absolutely love it.  I wish I could give yo the name and phone of my contact as It is available for wholesale prices if you insist in it from thier customer service. Media power is the distributor.  I hope some of you will atleast consider trying it, Iit really does work like nothing else I've tried.

Saint Petersburg, FL


Blue Spring Super Blue Stuff OTC Roll-On Pain Relief Cream

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