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Black & Decker
Black & Decker JKC650  Cordless Electric Kettle

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A lovely product!


I became a bit hesitant after buying a different brand of tea kettle that would have steam literally roll across where your hands went, but as black and decker has never disappointed me on their products I decided to give it a try. With some trepidation I filled it up and waiting for ensuing calamity. I was quite relieved to see that this was made with quality design and ease. The water heated rather quickly, faster than I had thought it would, it pours out easily and it even shuts itself off! The marks on the back are easy to read so you don't have to have any guess work on how much water to fill it with. In my family, all of us are avid tea drinks, especially hot green tea, and this works beautifully! It also works great for making hot chocolate or any other warm drink you require that uses water. I am happy that it truly does work as kettles are designed to work and the cordless feature makes it to where I do not feel like I am on a leash while trying to use it. Truly a superb product.




Excellent Use! Easy to Clean


This is one of the best products I have purchased in awhile. I love drinking tea and instant hot cider but using the stove was always a hassle and finding the right pan always seemed like a task. This heats the water to boiling in seconds. Turns off automatically and easy to clean.




Makes my husband's life easier!


Okay, my husband is addicted to coffee. He grinds his own beans and uses a melitta drip system to make his coffee. Personally, I drink Diet Coke and don't get the hype about it. But it's important to him. A few years ago he asked for an electric kettle and my parents got him this one. He loves it, so therefore so do I! It's sleek and attractive, and wipes down well. It heats quickly and turns off when the water is heated. He often flips it on, then leaves the room. When he comes back, the water is perfect and he is able to make his perfect cup of boiled coffee. He usually keeps the water in it and adds some each morning, but also rinses it occasionally with hot soapy water. The kettle comes off of the base attached to the outlet, making it easy for him to pour the water into his filter. We take it with us when we travel as well (especially camping) - can't be without his piping hot coffee! Overall, a great buy!


Elkhart, IN


Used multiple times a day!


I use this kettle to heat hot water for tea and hot chocolate multiple times a day. I received it for Christmas last year and it has been my "most used" gift. It is very easy to fill, and the water heats quickly. I can make several cups of tea from one filling, and love the easy to read "fill" lines on the back. My son, age 10, is able to boil water for his instant oatmeal, and make tea for me, as the weight when filled is easy for him to handle. It is very easy to keep clean- just wipe it down when I clean my counters. The stainless/black design looks great out all day.


Kent, WA


Black & Decker JKC650 Cordless Electric Kettle

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