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Bentyl Dicyclomine

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Helps control the problems of IBS. Nice!


I have been on Bentyle for many years. As soon as the doctors found out I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This problem if you don't have the medication is really a bad one to deal with. This helps relax your bowel in order for you to be able to not be constapated. If you are having these kinds of problems you really need to speak with your doctor or to see if the doctor can send you to a specialist to be checked out to see if you have this problem or something that is different. I take this four times a day and I am cutting down sometimes to two times a day, because of the other medications I am on this goes against them and causes other problems so I sometimes do this and sometimes I don't and only with the doctors ok. He has been doing really well with me and this medication and so he has said I can do this when I run into some problems with the bowel relaxing too much at once. This is a very good medication to use for IBS and I do give it a thumbs up for the medication.

Lafayette, IN


Bentyl Dicyclomine

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