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Benefit Instant Brow Pencil - All Shades

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BeneFit Instant Brow Pencil is the best I've found!


I am a make up junkie, but I've always had thick, full eyebrows - so much so that I do get them wax every 6 weeks. My brows are a medium blonde and I have noticed over the last few months that that gal that has been tending my brows has been thinning them out more than I like. So I purchased this **BeneFit Instant Brow Pencil **just for the thrill of it to see what it could do. I'm a huge fan of **BeneFit** so I knew the product would be of high quality and would probably be great for my skin. The color of the light** Instant Brown Pencil **is a perfect match, and I could see how it would be pretty versatile for many complexions. **BeneFit Instant Brow Pencil **fills in thinner spots nicely and it blends so you can't even tell that what you're seeing is a pencil. I also love that on the opposite side of the pencil is a "mascara" type brush that you used to come out your brows - wow that works so nice! **BeneFit Instant Brow Pencil **doesn't smear and it doesn't seem to aggravate my sensitive skin or break me out.

Livonia, MI


An underestimated Beauty Essential


I never used brow pencils before this year. I have always loved makeup, but never thought I needed a brow pencil. Boy was I wrong! Brow pencils have now become an essential part of my daily beauty routine. I never realized how full and shaped eyebrows could frame and change my entire face. I can't imagine not shading in my brows now after using this product. The benefit instant brow goes on easy and smooth and you can get perfect looking eyebrows wihtout any prior experience of applying this makeup. It fills in your eyebrows without looking fake and looks completely natural. Everyone noticed something different about my face and say how great my face and eyebrows look, but no one can ever tell my eyebrows are shaded in. This pencil has a velvety tip that makes applciation so easy as the color glides on. The opposite end has a brush to brush the untamed hairs in place. Girls, you have to try this product. You will not be disappointed.

Philadelphia, PA


Benefit Instant Brow Pencil - All Shades

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