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Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Pleasures Collection Daily High Lather Scrub

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Not as harsh smelling as other products in this scent line!


Usually I find the cherry blossom scent to be too overwhelming and just unpleasant so when I received this in my Christmas gift basket, I was a bit skeptical and really wanted to either regift it or toss it. I'm glad I didn't though! It actually is a lot softer smelling than the lotions and creams in the same scent which is great. It still smells like the other products in the line but it is so much more subtle and softer and for that my allergies are thankful. The scrub isn't harsh but I don't like to use it on my forearms, neck, or legs and thighs. Those areas aren't my trouble areas. For me, the areas I find most useful to be exfoliated with this are my upper arms, my elbows, and especially my feet. It's too much for my upper arms every day but I can use it on my feet and elbows for days on end to get them softer and feeling smooth. It leaves me feeling much smoother and even cleaner overall. The scent is pleasant and it smells as if I put a light amount of lotion on afterwards. I do prefer to use the pouf that came with it because it helps apply the product. overall, glad I didn't regift or toss this because of my aversion to the scent. Effectiveness love how smooth my feet and elbows are! Ease of Application Can be a little annoying and tedious but so worth it. Scent I'm still not into cherry blossom but this is tolerable. Definitely not male friendly. This is one product he won't use.



Smells very delicate


This is by far my favorite bath and body scent.  This foaming body scrub exfoliates really well leaving you with softer, smoother skin.  It doesn't take a lot so it last quite a while.  Just make sure you use the puffy mesh ball in the shower.  If you use it with a wash cloth, it will not last as long.  After showering with this body scrub I feel vibrant because of the scrub factor yet very relaxed due to the scent.  It's not harsh so you can use it everyday.  It works really well on my elbows and heels and keeps them very soft and smooth.  The scent very soft and delicate yet if you layer it with the lotion and body spray it is very noticable.  it's warm but not too heavy, never overpoweringly floral or spicy, and just the right hint of sweetness; it's very well blended, and I find it suitable scent for work or weekends. It makes me feel quite feminine, delicate and pretty when I'm wearing it.

Saint Louis, MO


Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Pleasures Collection Daily High Lather Scrub

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